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How to Draw like Giacometti

Learn how to draw like Giacometti with this easy step by step tutorial. His elongated figures had a certain look that is fun to imitate.

how to draw like Giacometti
Giacometti Drawing

OK, so Alberto Giacometti was most famously a sculptor back in the early 1900s, not a 2 dimensional artist, but I bet that he at least made a few sketches of his large works of art before he had them made.

His very long and skinny bodies had a very specific look, and any artist that was going to create with something as unforgiving as steel, had to start with a good plan.

This tutorial will help students draw a person with the “Giacometti” look, with a few options for getting creative in their poses.

Teachers can use this as a precursor for an actual sculpture project (pipe cleaners maybe?) or just keep it as a fun art history drawing. The bodies should be a solid black color, but the background could finished with any number of creative solutions.

how to draw like Giacometti
Preview of step by step Giacometti tutorial
Giacometti Coloring Page



Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw like Giacometti

  1. See Giacometti’s “Pointing Man” sculpture.

  2. Draw a head and skinny neck.

  3. Add a skinny torso below.

  4. Draw large feet at the bottom.

  5. Trace with marker and color.

  6. Option Body A

  7. Option Body B

  8. Option Body C

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