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How to Draw like Giacometti

Learn how to draw like Giacometti with this easy step by step tutorial. His elongated figures had a certain look that is fun to imitate.

how to draw like Giacometti
how to draw like Giacometti

OK, so Alberto Giacometti was most famously a sculptor back in the early 1900s, not a 2 dimensional artist, but I bet that he at least made a few sketches of his large works of art before he had them made.

His very long and skinny bodies had a very specific look, and any artist that was going to create with something as unforgiving as steel, had to start with a good plan.

This tutorial will help students draw a person with the “Giacometti” look, with a few options for getting creative in their poses.

Teachers can use this as a precursor for an actual sculpture project (pipe cleaners maybe?) or just keep it as a fun art history drawing. The bodies should be a solid black color, but the background could finished with any number of creative solutions.



Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw like Giacometti

  1. See Giacometti’s “Pointing Man” sculpture.

  2. Draw a head and skinny neck.

  3. Add a skinny torso below.

  4. Draw large feet at the bottom.

  5. Trace with marker and color.

  6. Option Body A

  7. Option Body B

  8. Option Body C

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