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How to Draw a Kimono

To learn how to draw a kimono that has lots of room for pretty patterns, just start with a large T shape. Add the sides and bands for color and you’re done.

I’ve used this approach for both large oil pastel drawings and tempera paintings, even watercolor on transparent paper. It’s a good lesson in symmetry, and a great way to make a large flat area ready to decorate with patterns.

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  1. Make a own template by folding the newsprint in half, and cutting half of a block “T” shape.
  2. Trace the template onto the 12″ x 18″ paper. The sides of the kimono are added next, and then a ribbon edging.
  3. The kimono is traced with a marker.
  4. Make a design on their kimono in pencil.
  5. Use oil pastels or other media to color in the designs. Students may also to cut out their kimono and mount to another paper if their paper gets too smudgy.

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