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Draw an Among Us Crew Mate, Rainbow Style

Learn how to draw an Among Us Crew Mate with an easy step by step tutorial. Afterwards, decorate the body with a bright rainbow pattern.

A finished sample of a Rainbow Among Us Crew Mate
Preview of the Rainbow Among Us tutorial

Among Us is an online multiplayer game about teamwork, where players work together to figure out who can and can’t be trusted within the group. This can be a benefit as it helps hone kids’ logic and social skills, especially during a time when kids may be stuck at home and in need of socialization.

The popularity of Among Us continues, and makes for a great pop culture addition to any more traditional lessons about art. The bodies are very simple to draw, so treating them like a canvas, as say in a project about colors, is a win for everyone.

A quick note to students that really want to imitate that two-tone shading of gray on the visor, it can be done without resorting to paint. It turns out that the Twistable Crayola gray is perfect for that light shade, and the standard (paper) Crayola gray crayon is just right for the darker shade. Savvy teachers that want to turn this little detail into a lesson on VALUE, would also be adding an Element of Art lesson to the day.



Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw a Rainbow Among Us Crew Mate

  1. Draw a large upside down U.

  2. Add the two legs below.

  3. Extend the line for the turned body look.

  4. Draw an oval for the visor.

  5. Erase the line inside the visor.

  6. Add the pack on the back.

  7. LIGHTLY draw he shadow lines on the visor and the six curved color lines.

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