Draw a Peacock

This simple peacock drawing reduces many of this bird’s amazing details into easy to draw shapes. • Draw Peacock PDF Tutorial MATERIALS • Drawing paper • Marker • Crayons   DIRECTIONS Lightly draw guide lines down the center of the paper with a pencil. Another option is to fold the paper to get the center guides. Draw the peacock as shown in the tutorial. Trace the peacock with a marker. Color the peacock with … Read More

Drawing Animals eBook

My collection of How to Draw Animals keeps growing, so I regrouped 75 of them and updated the format along the way. This new eBook comes with a full size sample of each drawing for classroom display, an easy to view alphabetized list, and cover and spine art if you want to make your own finished binder. You can see pictures which tutorials are included in my PDF Store listing. Here’s a listing by … Read More

Cow Face Drawing

This exaggerated cow face drawing was inspired by a funny painting I found in a home decor catalog. I think I first posted this about seven years ago, before I decided to make PDF tutorials a regular option to download. Enjoy everyone, this has long been a favorite project of mine for 4th and 5th graders.  • Cow Face Drawing PDF Tutorial MATERIALS • Drawing paper, 11″ x 14″ • Black Sharpie marker • … Read More

How to Draw a Bushbaby

Bushbabies are one of the cute easy things I like to draw. I also know it’s fun to say “I know how to draw a bushbaby.” • View and download Bushbaby tutorial MATERIALS • Color print of Bubshbaby tutorial • Multimeda or drawing paper • Sharpie marker, black, fine tip • Crayons or oil pastels DIRECTIONS PREP: Print or draw the grid guidelines. 1. Students draw the bushbaby according to the tutorial. 2. The … Read More

Draw a Chickadee

I really like this point of view for drawing a bird. It fills a page in a nice and balanced way, and could probably be adapted to many other breeds too. MATERIALS View and download Chickadee Tutorial Drawing paper Black marker Crayons DIRECTIONS Prep: Print tutorial for each student. Draw guide lines on paper or fold in half to make creases. Students follow the tutorial to draw the chickadee in pencil. The chickadee is … Read More

Deluxe Bat PDF Tutorial

This hanging bat tutorial has been a favorite for years, especially with teachers. I’ve made a new deluxe version that includes a full size sample, coloring and tracing page. MATERIALS Deluxe Draw Hanging Bat PDF (see below) Drawing paper Black marker Crayons DIRECTIONS Prep: Print guide lines on drawing paper. Students draw the bat according to the tutorial. The art is traced with a black marker. The bat and background is colored in carefully … Read More

Draw a Skunk

So it seems that my collection of animal tutorials was missing one certain little black and white animal. Here to correct that is how to draw a skunk. MATERIALS PDF Skunk Drawing Tutorial Drawing paper Black Sharpie marker Crayons   DIRECTIONS Students draw a skunk according to the tutorial. The drawing is traced with a black marker. The drawing is colored neatly with crayons.

Easy Dog Drawing

I sometimes give my young kinder and 1st grade students a template to trace for the first step of a project. For this easy dog drawing, children had the head template to trace, and followed my directions for the rest. • View and Download Dog Tutorial MATERIALS • Watercolor Paper, I used 11″ x 15″ • Chipboard for template • Sharpie marker • Liquid watercolor paint DIRECTIONS 1. I first drew center lines in … Read More

Draw a Simple Cat

Two circles get this simple cat drawing off to a good start. If you begin by tracing a roll of masking tape, kinders especially will be more likely to draw a cat that is nice and large and fills their paper. Circles are one of the harder shapes for them to draw, and I’ve found that a roll of masking tape is the perfect template for them to hold and trace. MATERIALS • Download … Read More

Draw Pete the Cat Tutorial

Pete the Cat seems to have a lot of fans these days, so I thought I’d make a tutorial on how to draw him. Older students might notice that there’s a little perspective involved in the shoes and their size, but young artists can focus on just making the shoes match. As Pete would say, “It’s all good.” MATERIALS • Download Pete the Cat tutorial • “Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes” … Read More

Elephant Drawing Tutorial

I like how this tutorial helps students fill their paper, and just focus drawing part of an elephant. MATERIALS • Multimedia or watercolor paper • Sharpie marker, black • Crayons • Liquid watercolor paint DIRECTIONS  1. Draw the beginning of a large letter “G” on the left half of the paper.  2. Add the straight back line. 3. Draw the rest of the trunk. 4. Add the cheek. The line should stop at an … Read More

Draw a Cartoon Fish

Big, overlapping eyes make almost anything look funny. Especially cartoon fish with big goofy lips. MATERIAL • Cartoon Fish PDF Tutorial • Drawing paper • Black marker • Crayons   DIRECTIONS 1. Draw or print the guide lines on the paper. Draw the fish according to the tutorial. 2. Trace all the art with a black marker. 3. Color in the art with a crayon. The neater the coloring, the better the art. Thanks … Read More

Draw a Water Buffalo

You just never know when you might need to draw a Water Buffalo.These guys have a look that is all their own. • View and download Water Buffalo PDF Tutorial MATERIALS • Color print of Water Buffalo tutorial • Drawing paper • Black marker • Crayons DIRECTIONS PREP: Draw or print guide lines on paper. 1. Students draw the Water Buffalo according to the tutorial. 2. The drawing is traced with a marker. 3. … Read More

Draw a Caterpillar

Here’s a little tip on how to draw a caterpillar with very “squishy” sections. I saw it in a book years ago, and wish I could credit the genius who thought it up. It’s a great way to make a pretty realistic looking insect. • View and download Draw a Caterpillar PDF Tutorial MATERIAL • Drawing paper • Crayons • Watercolor paint DIRECTIONS 1. Make or print guide lines. Draw the caterpillar as shown. … Read More

Draw a Snail

Learning about snails in your classroom? Here’s a simple way to draw one, all starting with the number “6”. I found a wonderful foreign website (pavulurivikram.blogspot.dk) that has lots of drawings based on numbers, and want to give theme credit for this idea. I just added some realistic antennae so the snail would be more true to life. • View and download Snail PDF Tutorial MATERIALS • Color print of snail tutorial • Drawing … Read More

Be My Valentine Painting

My Valentines art projects are often inspired by stock art images. This flying kitty with a heart was too cute and easy to draw. I highly recommend either printing the guide lines shown before hand, or having kids fold their paper to make four equal sections on the paper. It really helps kids judge their placement of lines when drawing. • View and download my Valentine Kitty Tutorial MATERIALS • Multimedia or watercolor paper … Read More

Draw Grumpy Cat

Find how easy it is to draw Grumpy cat with my step-by-step tutorial. Luckily, he has some pretty distinctive features, like the dark rings around his eyes and his famous frowning mouth. Be sure to include them and color his fur with brown and white crayons, and you’re bound to have a cat with his adorable likeness. • View and download New Grumpy Cat Tutorial MATERIALS • Color print of Grumpy Cat Tutorial • … Read More

How to Draw a Rooster Head

In honor of the Chinese New Year that kicks off on Jan. 28, I have created this “How to Draw a Rooster Head” tutorial, which lets young artists just focus on their colorful faces. This is officially the year of the rooster, so it’s a great way to mix a culture and art lesson. • View and download Rooster Head PDF tutorial MATERIALS • Color print of Rooster tutorial • Multimedia or drawing paper … Read More

Draw a Cardinal

I’ve been on the lookout for a new way to draw a cardinal. This one, inspired by a stock art illustration is built on some very simple shapes that I think young children can draw. • View and download Cardinal Tutorial   MATERIALS • Multimedia Paper • Sharpie marker, black • Oil Pastels   DIRECTIONS 1. On a horizontal sheet of paper, students draw a cardinal in pencil, following the diagram above. If you … Read More

Draw a Cartoon Turkey

For something new, draw a cartoon turkey and then make up a funny story about him or her. This guy is pretty simple, and I’ve even tried it successfully with kinders. At the very least, you will get something far better than just tracing your hand. • View and download PDF Turkey tutorial MATERIALS • Color print of Turkey tutorial • Black Sharpie • Crayons • Liquid watercolor paint DIRECTIONS 1. Draw turkey according … Read More

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