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How to Draw a Beetle

Mix a little science with your art by learning how to draw a beetle. Just a few extra details to the head and legs will make him look pretty real.


If you’d like your students to remember the body parts of an insect, say a beetle, then drawing one with instructions that mention the “head, thorax and abdomen” will certainly support that. (See PDF download)

My tutorial shows an easy crayon solution for your beetle art, but I couldn’t help but add a watercolor sample above too. Simple drawings can sometimes look SO great with the texture that liquid paint on watercolor paper creates. You can see my Art Supplies list to see my favorite paint.

If you do go the painting route, just be sure to let the beetle dry completely before filling in the background. It will lessen the chances that the colors bleed together.


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Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw a Beetle

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