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Sonia Delaunay Art Project: Fashion Design

A Sonia Delaunay art project could cover about a dozen different things, but this tutorial focuses just on her love of fashion design.

Sonia Delaunay Art Project
A finished Sonia Delaunay fashion drawing

Textile and fashion design gave Sonia Delaunay the freedom of experimentation and spontaneity that she later transposed into her paintings. She brought art to the streets and made her wearable paintings an integral part of the everyday. Her artistry has had a profound influence on the work of contemporary fashion designers including Marc Bohan for Christian Dior, Perry Ellis, Yves Saint Laurent, and Jean Charles de Castelbajac, all of whom have referenced her work in their collections.

This tutorial will help young students draw a simple figure with a fashion pose, which is modeled after one of Sonia’s original drawings. She kept her figures very basic, so they are pretty easy to draw.

Once the dress shape is drawn, students can play designer and experiment with their own bold patterns and color. It’s one more example of a career that very much relies on drawing.

Sonia Delaunay Art Project
A preview of the step by step tutorial



Time needed: 45 minutes.

Sonia Delaunay Art Project

  1. Draw an oval head.

  2. Add a neck and shoulders.

  3. Draw a simple dress shape.

  4. Add one bent arm.

  5. Draw a matching bent arm.

  6. Draw hair and shoes.

  7. Add a drape of fabric.

  8. Fill the dress with large patterns.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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