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Easy Delaunay Art Project and Coloring Page

Below you’ll find an easy step-by-step tutorial for a Delaunay Art Project and Delaunay Coloring Page. It’s fun to experiment with the idea of slicing and dicing lots of circles.

Delaunay Circles

This Delaunay art project borrows Delaunay’s style of creating many concentric circles, and splitting just a few in half. A circle template certainly comes in handy for such a job, especially when it comes to centering circles within each other.

Robert Delaunay, was a French artist who, with his wife Sonia Delaunay and others, co-founded the Orphism art movement. It was famous for its use of strong colors and geometric shapes. Delaunay’s career provided a bridge to future developments of more abstraction in art.

In addition to painting, Delaunay also wrote a lot about his work. He was said to believe that the idea of color was a thing in itself, with its own powers of expression and form. He thought contrast and harmony in colors produced their own movement in the eye of the viewer. His career was spent experimenting with that idea, which ended up influencing many artists that followed him.

Preview of the Delaunay Tutorial

Delaunay Coloring Page

Another Delaunay Coloring Page

Materials for Delaunay Art Project

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  • Drawing Paper. Don’t substitute it with copy paper or construction paper. The surface will get fuzzy, erasing might cause holes, and the colors will generally not look as bright.
  • Stabilo Markers. The large pack provides lots of fun color choices, several shades of each color, including a few choices for skin. The tips are perfect for coloring, and there’s even a promise that they will work after being uncapped for 8 weeks!
  • Pencil. The Ticonderoga brand are the most reliable, make nice dark lines when you need them, and are the easiest to erase.
  • Eraser. Large ones you can hold in your hand do a much better job than just the pencil tips. Stabilo Markers. They have the best colors, the best tips, and last the longest.
  • Black Sharpie Marker. These fine point permanent markers are great for making a crisp outline to your drawing. Use them when you want your outline show up, but not be so heavy that it detracts from other things.
Delaunay art project
A Delaunay Circle art journal drawing, with watercolor pencils


Time needed: 1 hour

How to draw Delaunay Circles

  1. Draw a large circle and center dot.

  2. Add smaller circle and center dot.

  3. Use a straight edge to connect the dots.

  4. Add concentric circles. The goal is to have a variety of thick and thin rings.

  5. Draw another set of larger circles.

  6. Add a smaller set of circles.

  7. Fill in the remaining space with circles.

  8. Finish smaller spaces with circles.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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