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Delaunay Circle Project

Add an easy Delaunay art project to your lesson plans, with this fun abstract project. You can even add some new vocabulary with new words like “concentric” and “dissected”.

Delaunay art project
Delaunay Circles made with markers
sonia delaunay art
Delaunay Circles made with watercolor pencils crayons

Robert Delaunay, an abstract artist from the early 1900s, made some wonderful paintings known for their rhythm and color.

This project uses his style of creating many concentric circles, and splitting just a few in half. It leaves the page with a pattern of circles and half circles, which you can highlight with your choice of colors.


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to draw Delaunay Circles

  1. Fill page with circles. A template will really help.

  2. Draw concentric circles inside each.

  3. Split some circles in half with a ruler.

  4. Trace and color.

AND FOR A FOLLOW UP PROJECT? How about a large Delaunay Mural? Everyone colors one page, and together you have a larger masterpiece.