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Draw a Fairytale House

When you want to draw a fairytale house, a little extra imagination is called for. Lots of swirly and decorative shapes will get you started.

Houses that live in magical times call for more that your same old approach. In fact, the very shape of the house itself needn’t follow architecture norms with straight and orderly walls and roof lines.

This tutorial starts with curvy building shapes, then adds more swirls and flourishes on top. Hopefully it’s just a starting place for some imaginative young artists.



Time needed: 1 hour.

Draw a Fairytale House

  1. Draw the ground line, then the center of the house.

  2. Add the door, window and roof details.

  3. Draw the right side of the house.

  4. Add the door, window and roof details.

  5. Draw the left side of the house.

  6. Add the door, window and roof details.

  7. Add fun fixtures on the roof.

  8. Add landscaping and clouds.

  9. Trace with a marker and color with crayons.

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