How to Draw like Paul Klee

This “How to Draw like Paul Klee” tutorial will guide students to make a continuous line drawing that resembles one of Klee’s most famous paintings, “Arrival of the Bridegroom”. This Klee drawing project is made by following lots of “up” and “down” and “over” directions in my tutorial. It’s a fun process that asks students to make an abstract drawing … Read More

Paul Klee Castle Drawing

Paul Klee was an abstract artist who made lots of simple paintings that are fun to imitate. Students can create the look of his “Castle and Sun” painting by tracing geometric cardboard shapes, and then filling in with pencil crayons. This drawing is a good example of many of the Elements of Art. It uses Lines to make Shapes, that … Read More

Color Study, Paul Klee Style

  Paul Klee was an modern art master who fell in love with color after a visit to Tunisia. His “Ancient Harmony” painting inspired this Paul Klee art lesson. Students can follow Klee’s idea for a fun color study by choosing two groups (light/dark, warm/cool colors) and have one encircle the other. It’s fun to arrange the colors in a … Read More

Paul Klee City on Acetate

Paul Klee’s City Painting is the perfect picture to try with acetate and oil pastels. Simple shapes yet rich colors on a dark background. A pretty potent combination. MATERIALS • Acetate, 8.5″ x 11″ • Copy paper • Download Grid Paper • Black Sharpie marker • Black card stock paper • Oi pastels (I prefer the Portfolio brand for their … Read More

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