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How to Draw like Paul Klee

I made this “How to Draw like Paul Klee” tutorial to guide students in a continuous line drawing that would look a lot like Klee’s famous painting.

Klee drawing project

This drawing is made by following the “up” and “down” and “over” directions shown on my diagram page. The fact that the finished art will look a lot like a famous Klee painting means a little art history may addressed as well.

• Draw like Klee PDF Tutorial
• Premium Construction paper, dark colors work best
• Marker, black, chisel tip
• Colored pencils

PREP: Print a colored tutorial for students to share.
1. For students in kinder through 2nd grade, I would consider directing the drawing with them one a board. Older students would probably be fine by following my sheet on their own.
2. When the drawing is done, it needs to be traced with a thick black marker.
3. Students color in all the closed shapes with colored pencils.


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