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Draw Two Hands and One Heart

Two hands that make one heart make a great diversity art project, and can say so much about what we wish for our world right now.

diversity art lesson
diversity art lesson

You could try to trace your hands to make this image, especially if you have some help, but that’s often harder (and more awkward) than one might expect.

Instead, try following this set-by-step tutorial to practice drawing a hand with the fingers slightly apart, and just the right amount of overlap to create a pretty heart shape in between. In the end, I think it’s easier, and a good way to improve hand drawing skills. After all, it’s all about noticing the details in how our fingers can bend and fold together.

If you have some students looking for a bit more challenge, try suggesting that they add fingernails in a way that looks natural for each finger. They have their own to refer to, if they need some help.



Time needed: 45 minutes.

Draw Two Hands with One Heart

  1. Start the left hand with the thumb.

  2. Add the fore finger.

  3. Draw another finger.

  4. Add two more fingers.

  5. Start the other hand with a thumb.

  6. Add two more fingers.

  7. Add another finger.

  8. Finish with the small finger.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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