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Draw Martin Luther King

I created this Martin Luther King for kids project to support classrooms that are celebrating MLK Day. It’s a tutorial that will help students consider more about how to draw his hair, facial features and customary black suit.

martin luther king for kids

Please note that the eyebrows are made by coloring heavier with crayons. Older students may find that a good way to add some shadows to Dr. Martin Luther King’s face too.

For a collaborative classroom project, check out my “Martin Luther King Jr. Mural Template” in my PDF Shop.

• View and download Martin Luther King PDF tutorial

• Color print of Martin Luther King tutorial
• Drawing or Multimedia paper
• Sharpie marker, black, fine tip
• Sharpie marker, chisel tip
• Crayons or watercolor paint


PREP: Draw or print guidelines on paper

  1. Follow the tutorial to draw Martin Luther King. Be sure to note where the lines are in relation to the center guides. They will help you place features more accurately on the page.
  2. Trace the lines with a fine tip Sharpie marker.
  3. Color the black areas a black chisel tip Sharpie marker.
  4. Neatly print his name wherever you have room.
  5. Color the face. Add a background any color desired.

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