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Veteran’s Day Poppy Painting

Veterans Day art projects can make use of the bright, red poppy flower, which has a long history of association with this special day.

Veterans Day Poppy painting

This project also gives students a little lesson in perspective. By merely changing the size of the flowers, their painting can have much more dimension to it.

• Multimedia paper
• Tempera paints, cake form (red, blue, green, black)*
• Water and container
• Small brush

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TIP: Students will be “drawing” with their brushes. The best way to keep colors from running together is to have students work in the recommended order listed below. It will give the poppies a few minutes to dry before painting the grass around them.
1. Using a brush, students draw and fill in flowers on the lower half of the paper, large ones at the bottom and smaller towards the middle. All roundish shapes are just fine.
2. Students use a brush to draw clouds in the sky. Fill in the area around them.
3. The green grass is filled in carefully around all the flowers.
4. Lastly, the centers of the larger flowers are added with just a dot of black paint.SaveSave


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