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Draw a Tulip

Learn how to draw a tulip, and then turn it into a lovely wet-on-wet watercolor painting by mixing two colors in the petals.

how to draw a tulip
how to draw a tulip

If you love the bright colors in this tulip painting, here are my three tips for making them happen in your project too.

  1. DO use real watercolor paper. I know it’s more expensive, and maybe not necessary for everyday projects, but when you want something to be really bright, it makes a huge difference.
  2. DO press heavily with the crayon lines. Light lines will probably disappear after painting.
  3. DO use liquid watercolor paint. They let students just concentrate on painting, and not figuring out how much water to blend on their tablets. Plus, you never have to clean a tray again!


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Tulip

  1. Start left flower with 2 petals.

  2. Finish the petals, and stem. Start second flower.

  3. Finish petals.

  4. Finish petals and add stem.

  5. Draw right tulip leaf.

  6. Add a second left leaf.

  7. Draw petals on the ground.

  8. Trace and draw crayon lines.

  9. Paint with one color, adding another on top.

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