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Draw a Tulip

My “How to Draw a Tulip” tutorial shows just how well crayons and watercolor go together. It’s also a great example of a wet-on-wet watercolor technique that can create lovely multi-colored flowers.

Draw a tulip


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  1. Draw the tulips on watercolor paper with a pencil, according to the tutorial.
  2. Trace the drawing with the black marker.
  3. Add crayon lines in the flower and on leaves. I recommend similar colors to the planned paint, but just a shade different. For example, yellow and pink in the flowers, and light green in the leaves. The goal is to have enough contrast to see them, but that they don’t stand out too much either. Just some added texture.
  4. Paint over all with liquid watercolor paint. To make the pretty multi-colored flowers, try what is called the “wet-on-wet” technique. I painted the top half of one flower red and before it dried, I painted the bottom half purple. Allow the overlapped color to just kind of seep into each other. It’s a great way to blend colors, and one of the things that watercolors do best.

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