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Draw the White House

If you are studying American symbols, here’s how to draw the White House.

how to draw the white house

Many of its shapes have been simplified to keep students from getting frustrated, but the overall balance and shape is true to the real thing.

I’ve found that there’s nothing like some grid paper to help students draw buildings, so my download tutorial has an extra page with one already sized for you. It also adds some math to the lesson as they can count out boxes to make their building as symmetrical as possible.

You can find many more how to draw tutorials like this one in my “Draw World Landmarks” ebook in my PDF Shop.



  1. PREP: Print and/or copy 1″ grid on paper for each student.
  2. Students use the tutorial to draw the White House. If helpful, include a full size drawing (page 3 from the PDF).
  3. The drawing is traced with a black marker.
  4. The art is colored with pencil crayons.



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