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Draw the White House

Draw White House diagramIf you are studying American symbols, here’s how to draw the White House.

I’ve simplified it as much as possible, and have created some grid paper to help those (even as young as 1st grade) to count and draw all it’s many columns and windows. And there are quite a few of them!

• View and download White House PDF Tutorial

• Card stock or drawing paper, 8.5″ x 11″
• Printed White House PDF tutorial
• Printed White House drawing, full size, optional (page 3)
• Black marker
• Crayons

PREP: Print and/or copy 1″ grid on paper for each student.
1. Students use the tutorial to draw the White House. If helpful, include a full size drawing (page 3 from the PDF).
2. The drawing is traced with a black marker.
3. The art is colored with crayons.