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Remarkable Women: How to Draw Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Honor an amazing life by showing students how to draw Ruth Bader Ginsburg as close to her fierce likeness as possible.

Awhile back I decided to make a new ebook about drawing famous women, and asked readers for ideas. Many responded and most had Ruth Bader Ginsburg at or near the top of their list.

Loving her history of fighting for women’s rights, among many other things, I jumped in and made this tutorial to get the book started.

Then, life kind of happened and the ebook got shelved.

Now to honor a life so well lived, I’d like to share the tools I used to draw this portrait. I hope it can help a lot of young students add a very special drawing to future book reports. I have a feeling more than ever will be written now that this amazing woman has passed away.

On a technical note, I used a grid paper (included on page 3 of the download) to help get my drawing as symmetrical as possible. It’s certainly not necessary though, and any plain drawing paper would do. I just recommend folding it in half twice to at least get one vertical and one horizontal guide. They help students gauge how and where to draw things.



Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw Ruth Bader Ginsburg

  1. Start the bottom of the head.

  2. Draw the top of the head. Make dots for eyes.

  3. Draw the eyes.

  4. Add circles and eyelids.

  5. Draw glasses around the eyes.

  6. Add eyebrows, nose and mouth.

  7. Draw ears with earrings.

  8. Draw hair around her face.

  9. Draw collar and shoulders.

  10. Add dots to collar and write name in back.

  11. Trace with thin marker and color.

  12. Add extra layer of color to make shadows.

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  1. Great, if you’d like to share them when they are done, I’m trying to start collections of kid’s art on my posts.

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