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How to Draw a Velociraptor

A certain hot dinosaur movie may be creating some interest in how to draw a velociraptor. Follow this step by step tutorial to draw a pretty cool looking one.

how to draw a velociraptor
how to draw a velociraptor

This guy is made from lots of curvy shapes, so I tried to keep this tutorial with as simple as possible, without losing any of his fierceness. After all, according to Jurassic Park, he’s supposed to be the most intelligent of his species. He needs to keep that mean and lean look that he’s famous for.


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  1. Prep: Print a tutorial for each student.
  2. Draw guide lines on paper or fold in half to make creases.
  3. Follow the tutorial to draw the velociraptor in pencil.
  4. Trace the velociraptor with a black marker.
  5. Color him carefully with crayons. Don’t forget the strips on his back and legs.

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