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Spinosaurus Drawing

Be sure your Spinosaurus drawing has the spiky plates on his back. It’s one of the main features that makes him different from other large dinosaurs.

spinosaurus drawing

This spinosaurus drawing is almost all curves, with the exception of his mouth and feet. For that reason, this tutorial has an extra set of guidelines to help students with their proportion.

Curves are some of the hardest shapes to draw as they are easily pushed to far in one direction or another. The extra lines (or folds in your paper) will help target where the head, back, tail and legs should land.

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Prep: Print tutorial for each student.

  1. Draw guide lines on paper or fold to make creases.
  2. Students follow the tutorial to draw the Spinosaurus in pencil.
  3. The Spinosaurus is traced with a black marker.
  4. The Spinosaurus is colored carefully with crayons.

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