Of spending hours trying to find even one art lesson that covers the standards, and links back to seasonal themes, periods in history, and the other concepts you’re already teaching? Of the quest to find that “unicorn” art project that isn’t too easy or too frustrating, uses common art supplies, and won’t take you 17 hours to read through the instructions? 

And just when you think you’ve landed on one, poof!  Your hopes evaporate when you open it up and find it’s not an appropriate level for your students to successfully complete. And then multiply that by 180 school days worth of projects you need to come up with. 
Goodbye every Sunday night for the rest of the school year!

What you really need is a complete, year-long art elementary curriculum

Introducing the 2024-2025 APFK Art Curriculum Club

You can consistently bring easy-to-teach art lessons to your classroom with this affordable curriculum, including…

  • No-prep, age appropriate art lessons planned for you for every month
  • With easy, step-by-step instructions even “inside the box” brains will love
  • That meet art standards and learning objectives
  • (And that your students will actually enjoy!)

Here’s what a few happy teachers have said about the Art Curriculum Club

“I used to struggle to demonstrate drawing while monitoring behavior in the classroom. The APFK Curriculum Club videos and examples allow me to respond to needy students while others follow along. It’s like having a second teacher in the classroom! The kids are successful following the videos and feel good about what they have drawn.” 
Jocelyn Reese
Art Teacher
“Planning used to take forever. The APFK Curriculum Club gave me direction and inspiration! Since joining, I haven’t needed to spend as much time planning lessons and I don’t need to think of learning standards. This makes planning SO much easier!!!”
Melaney Kosarek
Art Teacher
“I used to use parts of different art curricula and ideas found on various websites. Now I use the APFK Curriculum Club because of the standards alignment and step-by-step instruction. I love that it exposes the students to different artists and themes and offers a variety of projects organized by grade level and month!”
Catherine Friedman
Classroom Teacher

Now, instead of the dreaded Sunday search, your art lesson planning could look something more like this…

  1. Log in to the Curriculum Club and choose your grade level.

2. Choose your month.

Meet Your New Art Lesson Planning Personal Assistant

Hi, I’m Kathy! After 20 years in the classroom as an art teacher, I know what it’s like to give up every Sunday afternoon (and most evenings) to plan the week’s lessons.

You shouldn’t have to give up all your free time to bring your students meaningful art instruction. 

That’s why I created the APFK Art Curriculum Club. Inside, you’ll find all the easy, step-by-step lessons your kids will love — planned for you. The result? You get your weekends back, without sacrificing your goal of bringing consistent art education to your classroom.

Will you spend your weekends rummaging through Google, trying to find doable art projects?

Or will you cross art lesson planning off your to do list for good with the APFK Art Curriculum Club?

Got questions? Email [email protected]