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  1. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi Kim, I just saw your comment here – sorry for the delay. I don’t get notices about these comments. I’ll email you right now to see if you ever got this resolved. – Kathy

  2. ktsmall15


    I purchased 50 Drawing Prompts for Kids using Paypal – after the payment went through I was prompted t create an account. I have done this however the download is not available. I checked Paypal and the payment has been made.

    Kim Small

  3. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi, I was able to translate your comment. I just sent your file. Please let me know if you do not see it soon.

  4. dissey33

    Hallo, ich habe schon mehrfach Emails geschickt. Ich habe die Sonnenblumen über Paypal bezahlt aber es kommt kein Link zum Download.
    Bei der Anmeldung gab es wohl Probleme. Die Abbuchung erfolgte am 9.8..21.

    Ich bitte um Lösung.


  5. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi Susan, sorry I just now caught your comment. Can you please email me at I’m happy to replace things through email.

  6. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi, I’m so sorry to hear that and I’m sorry I missed your comment until just now. Can you please email me at I’m happy to figure things out and get you what you paid for.

  7. briannak

    I lost my purchase history and my account is not recognized.
    I downloaded a mural just about a week ago and when I wanted to return to my account to view the order, my account was gone! somehow I had to make a new account with the preexisting email that I used for my first account. Anyway, I wanted to review and download an order but there is not trace of my purchase!!

  8. susnels18

    Somehow I lost my How to Draw from my account. I only have the cover art and the warm hands…

    Susan Nelson

  9. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi Leen, that would be fine, if you could just credit my site somewhere when you do it.

    I’m glad you like that project!

  10. leen

    Dear Kathy,

    We are a group of schools in Belgium, Flanders.
    And we would like to ‘repost’ your tutorial about the ‘fall tree’ on your instagram account, as a greetings/tutorial for the kids as a fall holidays greetings card.

    Would you give us the persmission to do sao..?
    Many thanks in advance!
    Leen De Smedt

  11. Kathleen Barbro

    Hi, I’m so sorry I just caught your question and would be happy to help if it’s not too late. Please email me at

  12. trmiller

    I’d lije to purchase your ebooks through my school but in order to do so you would have to accept purchase orders and fill out a W-9 form. Do you accept purchase orders, and do you have a contact number to ask questions? Thank you
    Ted Miller

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