Recycled Rooster

Save all those clean packing boxes, such as for cereal and pasta, and you can make some really colorful collage roosters. For a lead in story, “Farmyard Beat”* is perfect and actually the inspiration for this project. *The above product link is a referral. If you click through and take action, I’ll be compensated a small amount, at no extra … Read More

Earth Day Blue Planet Collage

A collage makes a great earth day project, but can also result in a lot of unfinished art. Turn everyone’s effort into a group project and see what can happen. This was created by 35 fourth graders in about 45 minutes. MATERIALS Old magazines Butcher paper Glue sticks, lots! Black marker DIRECTIONS PREP: Draw one large planet template on a … Read More

A Starry Night Gallery

This is what makes blogging so incredibly rewarding, getting emails like this. “I’m a french ex-teacher who helps in the village where I live. Today and tomorrow we’re having an exhibition about houses in our villages and a second exhibition … showing what kids have done related to the houses. One of the project has been a collective work with … Read More

Faith Ringgold Flag Project

Faith Ringgold, an African-American artist, is best known for her large story quilts. In 1985 she made a piece titled “Flag Story Quilt”. For a great follow up project, see my Faith Ringgold Mural template in my PDF Shop. MATERIALS • Download PDF Flag template • Card stock paper • Old magazines • Scissors • Glue sticks • Hole punch … Read More

Gee’s Bend Quilt Collage

The women of Gee’s Bend, in a small, remote, black community in Alabama, have created hundreds of quilt masterpieces dating back to the early twentieth century. This community also has a pretty fascinating connection to Dr. Martin Luther King. You can read the book “Belle, the Last Mule at Gee’s Bend” to find out more. I had no idea this … Read More

Easy Christmas Card

Here’s an easy Christmas card idea that makes a very colorful image. Just change the colors and it works for many different celebrations. Making holiday cards with kinders may sound like a fairly simple task, until you factor in all the details. Is it doable with a wide range of abilities? Is it flexible for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or neither? … Read More

Halloween DIY Signs

I tried these Halloween DIY Signs once in an after school class. Everyone loved that faux burned look, and the messier the letters, the better! These Halloween DIY signs beat fancy printed ones any day. AND you can recycle old cardboard to make them. MATERIALS Large blank sheets of corrugated cardboard Old paper cutter recommended, for chopping up cardboard White … Read More

Silly Pumpkin with Teeth

This is now almost a classic Halloween art projects for elementary students. It has been around for awhile, but never ceased to delight my students. I once was gifted an entire pack of marble orange paper, which I saved specifically for this project. It’s not necessary though to makings some very cute collages, especially for those that are just learning … Read More

Symmetrical Pumpkin

Easy Halloween art projects can teach some valuable skills and still make pretty cool images. All you need is some paper, scissors and glue. I love how it requires students to flip and glue down their cut out shapes to mirror the other side. You can’t get more literal than that as a definition of symmetry. MATERIALS • Black card … Read More

Tissue Paper Fall Leaves

Cut out tissue paper leaves outlined with a gold marker, and a bit of watercolor paint make a fun fall leaf art project. MATERIALS Madras tissue paper Poster board or chip board for templates Scissors White card stock paper Glue stick, purple type may be most helpful Gold Sharpie marker, fine tip Crayola’s Watercolor Mixing Set   DIRECTIONS PREP: I … Read More

Collage Project with Cutting and Tearing

This collage project gives students cutting and tearing practice, not to mention use of math vocabulary of making rows and columns for the windows. MATERIALS • Card stock paper, I recommend Pacon • Scissors • Glue stick • Black Sharpie marker DIRECTIONS 1. Students tear three rectangles from construction paper and arrange on a background sheet of paper. The pieces … Read More

Fall Art Trading Cards

One of my favorite artist trading card theme ideas is this one that uses colored tape. Easy to cut, and of course, sticks like glue. MATERIALS Card stock paper, cream colored Scotch Expressions masking tape Scissors Black ultra thin Sharpie marker Trading card sleeve   DIRECTIONS Cut 2.5″ x 3.5″ cards from card stock paper. Students use an assortment of … Read More

Tissue Paper Collage Boxes

These tissue paper collage creations are made from old Mac keyboard boxes. I was happy to see that the narrow format encouraged more creative layouts. I recommend using the non-bleeding type of tissue paper for making images that do not run together. Most online art stores offer both the bleeding and non-bleeding type. These boxes were made by 2nd and … Read More

Collage Your Name Project

Collage projects for kids can start with old magazines, crayons and a little watercolor. For a little art history, you can also connect this to artist Romare Bearden. Romare Beardon, an African-American artist and writer, is renowned for his experimental collages, a technique he began to experiment with in 1950s. Some students in California learn more about Mr. Beardon in the fourth … Read More

Rainbow Magazine Collage

Here’s one of my group art project ideas that I return to from time to time. Truly art made from trash, as in old magazines headed for the recycling bin. I love that these rainbow collages create such impact with all their color. Students wouldn’t get that full effect if they each created a small one on their own. MATERIALS … Read More

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Art Projects for Kids