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Twelve Easy Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for Kids

Below you’ll find lots of Valentine’s Day Card Ideas for Kids. Years as a classroom art teacher will have you try out lots of things!

Mini Me Valentine Cards

Easy Valentine's Day Card Ideas for kids, made drawing and a photo.

Materials for a Mini Me Valentine Card

  • Headshot photo of each student, about 2″ tall
  • White card stock paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick
  • Black marker
  • Colored pencils

Directions to make a Mini Me Valentine Card

Time needed: 1 hour.

How to make a Valentine Card

  1. Fold paper for guides. Glue cut out head photo in center of the top half section.

  2. Draw a body that is proportioned as shown.

  3. Trace and color. Cut out body carefully. See more info below.

1. A black and white head photo should be about 2″ tall and placed about 1/2″ down from the top of a letter-size piece of card stock paper. I have the graphics software to print faces individually, but if you don’t you could always just cut and paste. If you photograph students in front of a white wall, it will help them see where to cut later on.

2. Students fold the paper in half to find the waist line, and then the bottom in half to find where the knees will fall. I believe it helps to draw the heart first, then the hands, and then connect arms to the shoulders. The bottom half of the body may be drawn however students wish, but the knees must be on the fold line and shoes almost touch the bottom of the paper. When the drawing is done, all lines are traced with a black marker.

3. The body is colored in with colored pencils, cut out with scissors, and bent and displayed as desired.

A sample card art from Nebraska

Draw a Valentine Portrait

Start with a print of sunglasses to draw a Valentine portrait. It makes for good face proportion practice.

Valentine's Day portrait card
Use a PDF template to print the sunglasses, and the draw a face around them.
Preview of the PDF template

Directions for a Valentine Portrait

Print template, have students draw and color a face around the glasses.

Oil Pastel Heart

Use your leftover oil pastels to color a very smudgy heart

Fractured Heart

Draw a heart, dissect it with a ruler, color and add shadows to the corners.

Scratch Art Heart

Layer oil pastel color and scratch out a message

Scratch Art Heart with Shading

Layer oil pastels and add shading

Painting Projects

Giant coffee filters, ironed flat, and painted with liquid watercolor paint

Valentine Heart Resist Painting

Valentine’s Day Heart Painting (click to visit blog post)

Paper Punch Heart Stamps

Use a paper punch to make hearts, and hole punch to make the stamp edges

3D Paper Punch Heart Card

Use a paper heart punch to make these 3D hearts

Radiating Hearts

Hearts colored with pencil crayons, pressing hard for bright colors
Valentine’s Day Drawing (click to see blog post)

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