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How to Draw a Giraffe Easy

Learn how to draw a giraffe easy for all ages. A step by step tutorial shows how to make those brown shapes look pretty realistic.

how to draw a giraffe easy
Giraffe Drawing, colored with pencil crayons
how to draw a giraffe easy
Time lapse of Giraffe drawing tutorial

When it comes to draw a giraffe, it turns out that no two have the same markings. They may look similar, but much like a thumbprint, are unique to each animals. Their coloring can vary from tan to yellow to white, with reddish to chestnut-brown spots.

Giraffes have only two predators, besides humans — crocodiles and lions. Giraffes are most vulnerable when they are taking a drink at a watering hole. They have to spread their legs wide to lower their necks. In this awkward position, they are easy prey for predators. Usually one giraffe keeps watch while another one gets a drink. If a giraffe is attacked, it kicks its attacker with its long legs and sharp hooves.

Sadly, some giraffe species are currently on endangered lists too. They are losing their habitat, sometimes due to civil unrest, and are often poached. Some organization like The Giraffe Conservation Foundation are working to counteract this.

Students can show their support of this amazing animal by learning how to draw one with as many accurate features as possible. This tutorial breaks them down in the simplest steps possible, to take the mystery out of how to start and how to finish.



Time needed: 35 minutes.

How to Draw an Easy Giraffe

  1. Draw an oval to start the belly.

  2. Add the neck above.

  3. Draw the head attached to the neck.

  4. Add the details to the head.

  5. Add the details to the head.

  6. Add the legs on the other side.

  7. Draw neck patterns, mane, erase lines.

  8. Finish body patterns, add background.

  9. Trace marker and color.

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how to draw a giraffe easy

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