How to Draw a Cupcake

You can add a lot of fun to a basic how to draw a cupcake lesson by drawing MANY of them, using lots of bright colors, and then maybe a shadow or two. These cupcakes were drawn on trading card size paper (2.5″ x 3.5″) and placed in a trading card sleeve. The repetition of a theme and cartoon style … Read More

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Wishing everyone a Happy and creative Valentine’s Day! This adorable Rainbow unicorn was painted by 8-year old Elliana Chong, with the help of my tutorial in my “Valentine Drawing” ebook. She first colored her art with pencil crayons, but then used watercolor pencils to make the colorful background. Great choices Elliana! I’d love to see this on a coffee cup … Read More

Finish the Valentine Face

Valentines day activities could start with a print of heart glasses, and draw a face around it. The large size forces students to draw big. Before students start drawing, remind them that the face should be a bit smaller that the glasses. The oval should be drawn in two sections, the top and the bottom. If you draw one large … Read More

Paint Color Mixing Hearts

You can teach Valentine art projects for elementary students with this tinted heart project. Red, blue and white will make some very Valentine-y colors. • View and download Fifteen Hearts Template   MATERIALS Multimedia paper, 11″ x 17″ Paper plates, thin and cheap type Tempera paint: red, blue and white Paint brush and water DIRECTIONS PREP: I made an 11″ … Read More

Cubism Valentine Project

If you know how to tint and shade with oil pastels, then try testing your skills with this cubism Valentine project to make your own masterpiece. MATERIALS Multimedia or card stock paper, square Pencil Ruler Oil pastels, Portfolio brand The above product link is a referral. If you click through and take action, I’ll be compensated a small amount, but … Read More

Valentine Heart Art

Your Valentine art for kids can’t go wrong with these rows of delicate hearts, even if they do get crooked and lopsided. In fact, I think that makes them look even better. Who wants a painting that looks like a computer made it? I also know that many young students get frustrated drawing hearts, so if you want to keep … Read More

Model Magic Rose

A third grader blew me away with her skill in making these Model Magic roses. I showed students how to simply make and wrap rose petals, but she ran with the idea and added colorful stamens and beautifully detailed leaves. Thank you Erin for inspiring all of us! MATERIALS • Model Magic, red • Model Magic, assorted colors • Wood … Read More

How to Draw a Doodle Rose

Here’s a really fun way to make a rose doodle, just in time for Valentine’s Day. Here’s an easy way to draw some simple roses that look like they are about to bloom. Young students can just draw lines inside to make the petal shapes, but older ones may be able to see a pattern. This is also a good … Read More

Easiest Valentine Art

This may be the easiest Valentines art for kids project that I know of. If you can layer oil pastels, you can scratch out some very artsy looking hearts. I’ve added color lessons to this before, but honestly some of the most striking hearts (this one especially) came from just free form coloring. No matter which route you go though, … Read More

Valentine’s Day LOVE Line Drawing

Valentines day ideas for kids can be educational too. This drawing uses a ruler, which is a 2nd grade Common Core Standard.   For more Valentine drawing ideas, see my new “Valentine Drawing” ebook in my PDF Shop.    MATERIALS • Multimedia or drawing paper • Black Sharpie marker • Markers, Stabilo brand recommended (The above product link is a referral. If … Read More

Popsicle Stick LOVE Letters

Valentine’s Day craft ideas can be fun and inexpensive if you start with popsicle sticks. I like that you can easily read these raised letters, whether they get a neat paint job or not. For more Valentine drawing ideas, see my new “Valentine Drawing” ebook in my PDF Shop.  MATERIALS Jumbo craft sticks, 10 per student Mini craft sticks, 12 per student … Read More

Valentine’s Day Heart Painting

A Valentine’s Day art for kids project can be a good time to try a new process. This colorful art comes from using crayons, rubber cement and watercolors. It’s a great way to show kids how amazing their art can be if they just focus on adding lots of layered color, both when coloring with crayons and then painting with … Read More

Valentines Day Card Sample Tutorial

Valentine’s Day Card ideas for adults are all over the place, but when it comes to kids it can be pretty simple. Cute animals with cute sayings will cover just about everything. You can sample this cat tutorial from my upcoming “Draw Valentines” ebook by downloading this free PDF. Fold a sheet of art paper in half to make a … Read More

Pop Up Valentine Card

I have a few Valentine card ideas for kids, but this is definitely my favorite. Start with some pretty patterned paper and you’re guaranteed lovely results. MATERIALS • Heart Punch, 2″ size • Cardstock paper, Valentine colors, 8.5″ x 11″ • Scrapbook paper (Valentine pads found in stationary dept.) • Glue stick (Note: The above list includes referral links. If you … Read More

Valentine Art Project with Sharpies

Valentine art projects that mix the rich color of Sharpies with hearts, pretty much can’t go wrong, if you ask me. This one involves mounting the drawings on to a stretched canvas. Change the size of the canvas to accommodate all your students, and you also have a very pretty collaborative fundraiser project. This is a technique I experimented with … Read More

Valentine Project: Tissue Hearts

My Valentine project a few years ago were these tissue heart rings. Not every activity has that much range, but these hearts did. I’m not sure how standard the heart punches (shown to the left) are to public schools. These were part of a die cut system that worked great for heavy paper, and pivotal in making these hearts. I … Read More

Valentine’s Day Doodle

A Valentine’s Day doodle doesn’t have to be fancy, or ornate, or require a graphic design degree. It can just be some very carefully drawn lines. Lines that in this case, make some very pretty hearts. For more Valentine drawing ideas, see my new “Valentine Drawing” ebook in my PDF Shop.  MATERIALS Drawing paper, 9″ x 12″ Scrap cardstock paper Heart punch, … Read More

Valentine Kitty Painting

Stock art is a good place to look for Valentines art ideas. This flying kitty with a heart was too cute and easy to draw. I highly recommend either printing the guide lines shown before hand, or having kids fold their paper to make four equal sections on the paper. It really helps kids judge their placement of lines when … Read More

Oil Pastel Heart

If you need your students to make really colorful art for a special occasion, say a fundraiser, try this oil pastel heart. Tell them their only job, outside of drawing a large heart, is to color with lots of layers. After all, that’s what pastels really do best. MATERIALS • Multimedia paper • Oil pastels, I prefer the Portfolio brand … Read More

Scratch Art Designs for Valentine’s Day

I brought out my old stash of oil pastels and showed students how to make scratch art designs for Valentine’s Day. Messy, but really beautiful! This is what you save that old broken batch of pastels for. Choose a simple shape for students to draw, layer with color, and then scratch away. The fun part is that if they don’t … Read More

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