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Draw 3D Love Letters

Learn how to draw easy 3D letters, just like the artist Robert Indiana, then color them with shadows for extra dimension.SaveSaveSaveSave

how to draw 3D letters
how to draw 3D letters

Not every project lets you combine a drawing skill with a bit of art history, AND create a pretty card as well, but if you bring out this 3D letter project before Valentine’s Day, you can do just that.

Robert Indiana first created his famous “LOVE” print for the Museum of Modern Art’s Christmas card in 1965, was the basis for his 1970 Love sculpture and then widely distributed in the 1973 United States Postal Service “LOVE” stamp. 



Time needed: 1 hour.

How to draw 3D Letters

  1. Draw a block letter L, add angles, and connect.

  2. Draw a block letter O, add angles, and fill in with curves.

  3. Draw a block letter V, add angles, and connect.

  4. Draw a block letter E, add angles, and connect.

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