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Valentine’s Day Drawing Idea

A favorite Valentine’s Day Drawing idea is a page of radial hearts that you can continue doodling until you fill the up the whole page.

valentines day drawing ideas

This heart drawing could be totally done freehand, but if you have limited time and noisy classrooms, I recommend passing out a few heart stencils to help students get started. They will help everyone get started drawing a pleasing arrangement of rotated hearts, which can be tricky for some. At the very least, they will help everyone get started on their radial lines as soon as possible, which does take a bit of time and patience. The final result though is so worth it though, and makes a beautiful drawing without the use of any expensive or fancy supplies. Just paper and pencil crayons.

One tip to get your best results? Use real drawing paper and the best pencil crayons you can get your hands on. The better ones have more pigment to them, and leave a richer color, and many of the lesser ones do not, unfortunately.


• Colored card stock paper
• White card stock paper, cut to 5″ x 8″
• Heart punch, 2″
• Pencil crayons
• Glue stick


Time needed: 1 hour.

Valentine’s Day Drawing project

  1. Trace 3 hearts using a template, and color inside.

  2. Draw a radial zig zag ring around each heart.

  3. Draw another zig zag ring around each.

  4. Draw another zig zag ring, while choosing which heart is in front of the other.

  5. Continue drawing zig zag rings until the paper is filled.

  6. Glue to the front of cardstock paper.

Another Radial Drawing Project

symmetry art projects
A variation made from only rings, no shape inside

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