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How to Draw a Fat Cat

Learn how to draw a Fat Cat with this easy step by step tutorial. The shapes don’t get much easier than this.

how to draw a fat cat
Fat Cat Drawing

Here’s another project for those just learning how to draw. The simple face, round body parts and focus on the front feet of this cat make him or her very drawable. There are not a lot of details to get lost in. In fact, those that finish early may want to add some extra texture lines, in both the fur and the grass.

Note: Not all crayons will show up when you color with one over another. I get the best results with the Crayola brand on the paper first, and then the Prang brand on top. The Crayola ones seem to make a more slippery surface, and the Prang have a little more grit, similar to oil pastels. When you need really rich colors, reach for them!

how to draw a fat cat
Preview of the step by step Fat Cat Drawing tutorial



Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Fat Cat

  1. Draw a nose and mouth below.

  2. Draw a head around the mouth.

  3. Add two eyes.

  4. Add whiskers and ears.

  5. Draw a body behind the head.

  6. Add two front legs and toes.

  7. Finish back of body.

  8. Add tail and grass.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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