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How to Draw a Chicken

Learn how to draw a chicken that isn’t your average white variety. A step by step tutorial shows how to draw one of the more colorful breeds.

How to Draw a Chicken
A finished chicken drawing, colored with crayons

Chickens were first known as the “bird that gives birth every day” in 15th-century BC Egypt, and humans have been keeping chickens primarily for their egg producing abilities ever since.

There are other reasons that people domesticate and breed chickens, though. Some simply find the behavior of these animals to be both entertaining and educational and keep them as pets. Did you know that they have really good memories, communicate with over 30 different vocalizations, and have an understanding of always knowing who is boss? Yep, they are pretty interesting creatures, and you can find a few more fun facts about them HERE.

Meanwhile though, if you’d just like to learn how to draw one that is a little more on the colorful side, and not just mostly white, then this new tutorial will help. It shows students where they can add some extra details which can all be filled with fun colors and spots. You can never have too many, if you ask me.

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How to Draw a Chicken

How to Draw a Chicken Materials

Step by Step Directions for How to Draw a Chicken

Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Chicken

  1. Start with the head shape.

  2. Add an eye and beak.

  3. Draw a comb, wattle and scallop line.

  4. Draw a body attached to the head.

  5. Add the wing and start the burst of the tail.

  6. Draw the feathers coming out of the burst.

  7. Add the two legs below.

  8. Finish with a background hill and a sun.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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