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How to Draw an Alligator

Learn how to draw an alligator that gives a nod to all his complex shapes, without actually having to draw each and every one of them.

Finished drawing of an Alligator

After you draw your alligator, you can choose what kind of environment to put him in. He’s one of those creatures that is happy both in and out of the water, so the choice is up to you. Go with nature, or even something entirely different. Either way, this simple view with a slightly curved tail will always fill your paper in an eye pleasing way.

Preview of Alligator drawing tutorial



Time needed: 35 minutes.

How to draw an Alligator

  1. Draw the front half of the body.

  2. Draw the back half with a curved tail.

  3. Add arm and leg on one side.

  4. Add an arm and leg on another.

  5. Draw nostrils and eyes as shown.

  6. Add teeth and back ridges.

  7. Draw a horizon line and water edge.

  8. Add grass to the bottom front.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.


By Samaya B, 5

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