Pop Art Coloring Page

I combined some old comic book images to come up with this new “Crying Lady” that is a now a mural option over in my PDF Shop. It’s inspired by the work of Roy Lichtenstein, who was an American pop artist known for his parodies of comic strips and advertisements. For those of you that just want to color and write a funny caption in this thought bubble, then here you go. • View … Read More

NEW! Lichtenstein Mural, just $5

Roy Lichtenstein used comic book images to make paintings about popular culture. I made this composite drawing of some old cartoons I found so students could do the same. All kinds of possibilities, especially when it comes to filling in the thought bubble. I plan to use it as a supply list reminder for parents. A bit heavy handed, maybe, but hopefully effective. • Purchase Lichtenstein Mural Save Save Save Save Save Save Save … Read More

Lichtenstein Style Portraits

Roy Lichtenstein was a prominent American pop artist who favored old fashioned comic strips as a subject matter. By using a pre-printed paper full of empty dots, you can make your own portrait – complete with graphic marker shading. 1. You can download my pdf template of empty dots. Start by lightly sketching your face with a pencil. Remember, the eyes go in the middle of the head, not up near the top! 2. … Read More

    Buildings Tutorial


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