Recycled Tin Can Crafts

I’ve always hated throwing away old tin cans. They just have too many recycling possibilities. These tin can crafts are included in my upcoming “Sharpie Art Workshop for Kids” book. MATERIALS • Old soup cans, washed and clean • Foil tape, from hardware store • Sharpie, fine tip, black • Sharpie, brush tip, variety of colors DIRECTIONS 1. Cut strips of … Read More

How to Draw a Dandelion

Practice your fine marker skills with this dandelion drawing step by step project. Careful drawing and tracing will make a very pretty and delicate looking flower.  MATERIALS View and download Dandelion PDF Tutorial Drawing paper Sharpie marker, ultra fine tip DIRECTIONS Draw center grid lines on paper, lightly, in pencil. Follow the drawing instructions as shown on the tutorial. Trace … Read More

Overlapping Art, with Architecture

One of the steps to go from drawing flat landscapes to ones with depth is to create overlapping art. This project plays with the idea, and need not follow any perspective rules. Young artists can just have fun making lots of 3D looking buildings that completely fill their page. MATERIALS • Overlapping Buildings PDF Tutorial • Drawing or multi-media paper … Read More

Earth Day Murals in the Classroom

My large collaborative murals make great classroom projects, and Earth Day is the perfect time to try one out, if you haven’t already. Earth Day is celebrated every year on April 22nd, and calls for the awareness of our beautiful planet. A large group mural (or several smaller ones) gives a chance for every student to be involved. The question … Read More

Earth Day Coloring Page

Add this to your collection of Earth Day printables. This one is my own creation, based on my Earth Day Doodle Mural. It has lots of stars, hearts and swirls that are fun to color. I hope students enjoy coloring this page, and that the message inspires more awareness of reducing, reusing and recycling to keep our planet beautiful. • Download … Read More

Draw a Lighthouse

Here’s how to draw a simple lighthouse on an island. Plenty of room to add some fun ships in the surrounding water. MATERIALS View and download Lighthouse PDF tutorial Drawing paper Black Sharpie marker, fine tip Crayola crayons DIRECTIONS PREP: Print PDF tutorial for each student. Lightly draw a center guidelines on the drawing paper with a pencil or fold … Read More

Earth Day Doodle Mural

Celebrate Earth Day for kids with my Doodle Earth Day Mural template. Print the PDF pages, color, and tape together to make a work of art for any or all of your doors. MATERIALS • Doodle Earth Day PDF template • Card stock paper • Paper cutter • Markers or crayons • Masking tape DIRECTIONS 1. Print out the mural pages … Read More

Draw 3D Buildings

My favorite 3D drawing step by step tutorial is also an excellent example of turning a Shape into a Form (both Elements of Art). To cap it off, if you color with changing the Value of the buildings you have used three elements of art in one project. If you have purchased my “Recycled Art Journal” ebook, this project is … Read More

Daffodil Craft

I spied these cute mini cupcake liners at Michaels, and they worked perfectly for a kinder daffodil craft project.   MATERIALS Card stock paper: yellow, green and blue Scissors Glue sticks Yellow beans, dried DIRECTIONS Students first cut three stems and glue them across the blue paper. Leaves are added to each. Cut about 5 petals for each flower, and … Read More

NEW Recycled Art Journal eBook

I have developed an art journal for kids that is based on creating artwork in a 6″x 9″ format. I have combined and updated two past recycled books to create a new jumbo version, packed with 25 projects, tailored to this specific page size. PURCHASE RECYCLE EBOOK PDF FILE INCLUDES 25 Art Journal Projects, including many templates Binder cover art, … Read More

Simple Shark Drawing

Here’s my favorite way to make a simple shark drawing, and modify it for different grade levels. Younger students learn about symmetry, older can add a shadow. This is an example of how I learned to modify a lesson to work with different grade levels throughout a week of classes. It’s the best solution I found after years of trying … Read More

Preschool Art Fundraiser

I developed this art fundraiser project years ago, and it still works wonders. Sharpie drawings on dry wax paper, decoupaged to a stretched canvas. Cheap, easy and has a very finished look when complete. Drawings that may look like a bunch of scribbles somehow get a lot more polished when attached to a stretched canvas. The best part is that … Read More

Andy Goldsworthy Flower Art

You can share Andy Goldsworthy for kids with this project, even if you live in the middle of a busy city. Andrew is an amazing British artist who has spent his life collaborating with nature. I found a local florist that was willing to donate their leftover flowers to my cause. I call this a win/win as students get to have … Read More

Geometric to Organic Shapes

Start with a geometry art lesson, and then add some water to create organic shapes. MATERIALS Multimedia paper Cardboard templates of triangles, circles and squares Waterbase markers Cup of water and brush or eye dropper Thin permanent marker DIRECTIONS Students used cardboard templates to trace many triangles, circles and squares on their paper. Shapes could overlap, but some space should … Read More

Handmade Journals

What’s so special about handmade journals? Here are a few reasons they helped me go from feeling frazzled to a fairly organized art teacher. (Ok, not always, just much more than when I first started.) • Art journals will protect the artwork, and keep it from getting crumpled up in the bottom of a backpack. • A few extra blank … Read More

Pastel and Pattern Eggs

My kids really enjoyed mixing paint colors by using just yellow, red, orange and white. • Egg Template jpg (Drag to desktop) MATERIALS Multimedia paper, printed with egg template Tempera Paint Oil Pastels DIRECTIONS SESSION ONE: I made an egg template page and gave one to each student along with white, yellow, red and orange tempera paint. They were instructed … Read More

Growing Grass in a CD Case

You can recycle CD jewel cases and turn them into gifts instead. Here’s a few ideas for a birthday or Mother’s Day. They make great little terrariums, especially with a message for special occasions. You can watch your plants grow and make a special gift at the same time. MATERIALS • CD case, the kind that is about 1/4″ thick … Read More

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