Newsprint Collage Cat

This cat is one of my favorite paper collage for kids projects. I love the look of newspaper with only small type, but realized it would be difficult for 150 kinders to all find their own. Solution? Technology to the rescue with a scanner, printer and parchment paper. This project is for new kinders so body and head template lines are included in the linked PDF template. • Newspaper Cat PDF Template MATERIALS • … Read More

Draw a Hot Air Balloon

When looking for simple things to draw, try a hot air balloon. Find how easy it is to make a flat circle look like a ball, just by adding some lines.  • View and Download Hot Air Balloon Tutorial MATERIALS • Print of Hot Air Balloon Tutorial • Drawing paper • Black Sharpie • Oil pastel or crayons DIRECTIONS PREP: Draw or print grid lines on paper. 1. Draw the balloon according to the … Read More

Chinese New Year Snake Tutorial

Did you know Chinese New Year crafts can come from office supplies? They helped me make this project with about 400 first through fourth graders for about $45. For the advanced origami lover, my sample snake above was made with two long strips that had nine 11″ lengths glued together as shown in the photo. If you like the gradated color, this how it is achieved. This length though is rather long for little … Read More

Scratch Art Designs for Valentine’s Day

I brought out my old stash of oil pastels and showed students how to make scratch art designs for Valentine’s Day. Messy, but really beautiful! This is what you save that old broken batch of pastels for. Choose a simple shape for students to draw, layer with color, and then scratch away. The fun part is that if they don’t like their design, they can “erase” by coloring over and scratching again. MATERIALS Heavy … Read More

Draw an Easy Rose

This “Draw a Rose” tutorial has long been one of my most popular. I like how it has enough detail to make the flower look dimensional, but not so much to make it difficult for young artists. I hope it encourages a few more handmade cards, and a few less run-of-the mill, pre-made ones. • View and Download Rose Tutorial MATERIALS • Print of Rose Tutorial • Drawing paper • Black Sharpie • Oil … Read More

Finish the Valentine Face

Start with a print of heart glasses, and draw a face around it. Could be boy or girl or cat or dog? The large size forces students to draw big.   MATERIALS • View and download Heart Glasses PDF Drawing paper Color printer Black marker Crayons   DIRECTIONS Prep: Print a Heart Glasses page for each student. Students draw the face above and below the glasses. The drawing is traced with a black marker. … Read More

Paper Craft Roosters

My favorite paper crafts for kids involve making something three dimensional. Learning how to cut and bend so things stand up is a valuable skill. This idea comes from a French website, Zaubette. I simplified some of the shapes, but the brilliant originality must be credited to them. I just love the way they made the open beak/mouth. It’s simple but adds so much personality. MATERIALS Cardstock paper, assorted colors, 8.5″ x 11″ Poster … Read More

Pattern Cat with Markers

This project is one of my most pinned art lesson ideas. I think it’s because of the all the simple shapes and rich colors. One of my favorite combinations is Sharpies on fingerpaint paper. The color just glides on and it has a rich shine to it when you are finished. The only catch is that it is tricky to draw on as pencil lines are difficult to erase. For that reason, especially for … Read More

Radiating Hearts

Students can practice radial symmetry with this Radiating Hearts drawing. It takes time to fill in the entire paper, but the results can be really amazing. And once someone gets good at the process, it can be applied to many other shapes as well. MATERIALS • Colored Card stock paper, 8.5″ x 11″ • White card stock paper, cut to 5″ x 8″ • Heart Punch, 2″ • Pencil crayons • Glue stick DIRECTIONS … Read More

Clothespin Craft Peacock

My clothespin crafts for kids after school class got to dig into my feather stash to make peacocks. Googly eyes and string finished off the look. I have this insane collection of fancy feathers from a tutu-making mom who retired. I’ve been holding out on using them from just any old project, and I’m glad I did. MATERIALS Clothespins, wooden flat type Colored string Hot glue gun and glue Craft glue Markers Googly eyes … Read More

Chinese New Year Mural 2018

My new dog mural will add some fun to Chinese New Year activities. Lots of simple red coloring to bring luck for the new year. The first day of the Chinese New Year is Friday, February 16th. This mural is drawn and colored with the look of ancient tradition of Chinese paper cutting. These works were commonly made of red paper, as red is associated with festivities and happiness in their culture. MATERIALS • … Read More

Draw a Peacock

This simple peacock drawing reduces many of this bird’s amazing details into easy to draw shapes. • Draw Peacock PDF Tutorial MATERIALS • Drawing paper • Marker • Crayons   DIRECTIONS Lightly draw guide lines down the center of the paper with a pencil. Another option is to fold the paper to get the center guides. Draw the peacock as shown in the tutorial. Trace the peacock with a marker. Color the peacock with … Read More

Clothespin Craft Airplanes with Color

Here’s how my students finished up their clothespin planes, with a little color and string to make their airplanes fly.They make a pretty cute assortment! MATERIALS Clothespins, medium Craft sticks, regular size Craft sticks, mini size Woodsie shapes Wooden beads Woodent dowels String Hot glue gun Tape Sharpie markers   DIRECTIONS PREP: Use a glue gun to attach sticks to clothespin. Glue bead to front. Glue propellor pieces together and attach to bead. Students … Read More

Clothespin Craft Airplane

My Clothespin Crafts class has lots of little ones, including kinders, so I used hot glue to get these easy crafts airplanes started for them. Their job was to color them with Sharpies and paint markers. MATERIALS Clothespins, medium Craft sticks, regular size Craft sticks, mini size Woodsie shapes Wooden beads Hot glue gun Sharpie markers   DIRECTIONS PREP: Use a glue gun to attach sticks to clothespin. Glue bead to front. Glue propellor … Read More

How to make a Rose Doodle

Here’s a really fun way to make a rose doodle, just in time for Valentine’s Day. I found the original idea posted on Flickr. It’s a genius way to draw some super simple roses that look like they are about to bloom, and I wish I could thank the artist who thought them up. • View and download Rose Doodle Tutorial MATERIALS • Print of Rose Doodle tutorial • Watercolor paper, I used Strathmore … Read More

Pizza Collage

Make fun collage art projects by tying it into something familiar. This pizza project does double duty as it reviews shapes and can accompany a food unit theme. I’m declaring it pizza week for my students, as the kinder and first grade are making these larger 8″ pizzas, and the rest are making 4″ ones that will go in their own box. (More posting to come regarding that.) Lots of math connections are possible as … Read More

Black and White Art Trading Cards

These art trading cards were simply made with stickers I found at Staples and some black card stock paper. My students got so creative today that they gave me new ideas of what could be made with a few circles and rectangles. For example, my collection from top left is: 1. A dog, 2. street divider line, 3. baby carriage, 4. Mickey Mouse, 5. close up of Swiss cheese, 6. blowing bubbles, 7. unlaced … Read More

Ant Drawing and Painting

This ant drawing and painting tutorial is a sample from one of my newest eBooks “Drawing and Painting Insects”. Try adding a little crayon and watercolor to your study of ants and see what happens. • Draw and Paint Ant PDF Tutorial MATERIALS • Watercolor paper (I used Strathmore for my sample) • Ruler, pencil (for making guide lines) • Crayons • Liquid watercolor paint (I used Sargent®)   DIRECTIONS Lightly draw guide lines … Read More

Drawing Animals eBook

My collection of How to Draw Animals keeps growing, so I regrouped 75 of them and updated the format along the way. This new eBook comes with a full size sample of each drawing for classroom display, an easy to view alphabetized list, and cover and spine art if you want to make your own finished binder. You can see pictures which tutorials are included in my PDF Store listing. Here’s a listing by … Read More

Abstract Art with Alma Woodsey Thomas

This abstract art lesson let my students choose which painting format they wanted to try out — a circular or an vertical stripe one. By the way, this artist, Alma Woodsey Thomas, developed her signature style—large, abstract paintings filled with patterns of bright colors—in her 70s. She also was the first African American artist to have a show at the famous Whitney museum in New York.   MATERIALS Multimedia paper Liquid tempera paint Circle … Read More

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