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Minecraft Selfies

There are many great Minecraft art projects all over on Pinterest, but I am going to have my students simply draw a self portrait, with the help of a pre-printed grid. Makes for a great back to school project, especially if names are added at the top or on their clothes.

minecraft art

I love how this will add some math to my art classes as it will call for some box counting to make sure the drawing symmetrical.

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  1. Print a page with a grid for each student.
  2. Students draw themselves ONLY using the grid lines, only vertical and horizontal. No diagonals or curves allowed.
  3. The drawing is colored carefully with crayons. Try to press hard to hide the grid.

UPDATE: After teaching this lesson to quite a few classes, I’d like to share these tips:

I found that it was much better for students to draw their faces inside out (first eyes, then mouth, then head) than it was to do the usual outside in (head, then eyes, mouth).

The size and centering of the eyes are important, so if they are drawn first, then everything else should fall in place. Here’s the process I recommended:

Step 1. Find the center vertical line (count boxes) and lightly trace over it to help make your face symmetrical. This is just a guide, and will be erased when finished. My printed paper was 9″ x 12″ with 1/2 inch squares.

Step 2. The eyes are drawn on either side of the center line. They should be at least 3 boxes wide so there can be white on either side of the color.

Step 3. The mouth is drawn below, still centered on the middle line.

Step 4. The side and bottom of the head are drawn around the eyes and mouth, leaving the top head open.

Step 5. The hairline is drawn, using either a straight line or stair steps to make an angle.

Step 6. The neck and body are drawn below the head, still centered on the middle line. Add details that stay on the grid lines. Neat tracing and coloring are needed to keep the Minecraft look. There’s no such thing as a scribbly pixel.



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