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How to Draw a Minecraft Selfie

Learn how to draw a Minecraft Selfie by using a grid template and your math skills to create a symmetrical portrait made totally out of small squares.

how to draw a Minecraft Selfie

Drawing a very symmetrical self portrait calls for lots of counting so that things on one side and the same size and placement as they are on the other. Luckily, most students are not even aware of all this math as their excitement as their focus is on drawing something they know a bit about … Minecraft.


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Minecraft Selfie

  1. Count the boxes to find the center line. Trace with pencil.

  2. Draw two symmetrical eyes.

  3. Draw a centered mouth.

  4. Start the bottom of the head.

  5. Draw the forehead hairline.

  6. Draw the neck and body.

  7. Finish the hair, long or short or bumpy, etc.

  8. Trace with a marker and color neatly.

  9. Example of a boy selfie.

A few student examples of Minecraft Selfies.
minecraft art projects
A student sample in progress — so cute!

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