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How to Draw a School Bus

Learn how to draw a School Bus with this easy step by step tutorial. The big boxy yellow shape is recognized almost everywhere.

How to Draw a School Bus
Drawing of a School Bus, colored with crayons

Learning about different forms of transportation? Or writing a story that involves a school bus? Then a step-by-step bus drawing tutorial might come in handy. This one shows students how to draw the long yellow body with the right proportion, complete with a row of windows.

Encourage your students to customize this drawing to their own particular interests. For instance, the black stripe could be fatter so that their school name fits inside. Or those empty windows could be filled cute faces of children happy to go back to school again. OR the background could be some exotic location they would love have for a field trip. All kinds of possibilities!

How to Draw a School Bus
Preview of the School Bus step by step tutorial



Time needed: 25 minutes.

How to Draw a School Bus

  1. Start the top half of the bus.

  2. Add the bottom half of the bus.

  3. Draw two wheels and the ground line.

  4. Erase inside the wheel, add fender lines.

  5. Draw the hub caps and windows.

  6. Add front bumper and stripe.

  7. Draw a background.

  8. Add a sky with clouds.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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