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How to draw a Dandelion and turn it into a Painting

Below you’ll find an easy step-by-step tutorial for how to draw a dandelion. Afterwards, some easy art supplies will help you add a colorful background. Sometimes the simplest drawings can make some of the prettiest.

This How to Draw a Dandelion tutorial shows how striking line drawings can be, when they are kept to just a few simple shapes. A very pretty dandelion can be drawn with just a stem, round center and lots of feathery seeds. Make a few of them flow away and you have a very pretty summer drawing.

Dandelions are a symbol for healing, whether from emotional or physical pain, and also surviving hard times as dandelions are the most persistent flower that never gives up. When you give someone a single dandelion or a bouquet, you’re giving a message of hope, telling the recipient to not give up and to persevere to sunnier times ahead.

Materials for a Dandelion Drawing and Painting

Directions to Draw and Paint a Dandelion

Draw the flower centers and stems.
Add radiating stem lines out from each center.
Draw little caps on the ends of each seed stem.
Add a few that are blowing away, if you wish. (Pun intended!)
Paint a circle of rubber cement over each flower. Go over it several times.
Cut strips of bleeding tissue paper, apply with water.
Let it set for a few minutes to absorb the color.
Remove the tissue, and let dry a bit. Rub the rubber cement off.
Let draw completely.

Another fun Dandelion Project

How to Draw a Dandelion
Metallic marker Dandelion drawing (click to open PDF tutorial0

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