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Mona Lisa Art Project

Here’s a fun Mona Lisa art project, starting with her very famous face and then filling in your own background with lines, just for contrast.

Mona Lisa art project

A great way to study the power of lines, the beauty of contrast, and the enduring mystery of Mona Lisa, is to make a line art project in her honor. Just start with a template, block out a new “Mona”, and then fill in with lots and lots of lines.

Cutting and glueing a picture could work for this, but the blend of a color photo and marker lines looks even more interesting if they are on the same sheet of paper. For best results, try to use a heavier marker for the main body shapes, and a very thin one for all the details. The two make it the drawing easier to see and more interesting to look at.



There are a lot more fun and easy ones in my new LINE ART PORTRAITS ebook. 

Black and white lines drawn around a richly colored face create a pretty great study in contrast. Now you can easily make all kinds of line art portraits just like the ones shown here, simply by printing out a template, and drawing a body back in, just the way you want it.

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Time needed: 1 hour.

Mona Lisa Art Project

  1. Preview the Mona Lisa painting for reference

  2. Print the template on drawing paper.

  3. Sketch and trace the basic outlines of your new Mona Lisa with thick marker.

  4. Add details with a thin marker, the more the better.

Student Art from Spain

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