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Da Vinci Line Art

This Leonardo da Vinci for kids project features classic faces from old paintings, which are waiting for their hair and bodies to be drawn back in.

Here is Ginevra de Benci, painted by Leonardo da Vinci, in her original form.

And this is Ginevra, with only the skin of her face and neck remaining. (Thank you Adobe Photoshop!).

This is a reference guide to help students see one way to draw her basic body and hair shape. A face in the middle of a blank sheet of paper can be a little confusing. This is only one option though, her hair and clothes could look any way you want.

Take care to fill in all the large shapes with lots of fine lines and patterns. The more you add, the more contrast you get between the softly colored skin, and the black and white surroundings.



  1. Print face with blank background for each student.
  2. Draw a new body and hair for Leonardo’s painting.
  3. Trace the main edges with a fine point Sharpie marker.
  4. Add lots of detailed lines with an ultra fine point marker.
  5. Erase any leftover pencil lines.

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