Mini Kandinsky Diamond Painting

A fun and easy abstract art project for kids is to use brush Sharpie markers on mini canvases. It feels like you’re painting with the world’s brightest colors. The best part of this design is that you only need two center pencil lines to start. The rest can all be free hand lines drawn directly with the marker. I recommended … Read More

Mini Canvas Kandinsky Circle Painting

Mini painting ideas call for images that can be forgiving. Kandinsky’s circle art is perfect for even young artists to imitate. For special occasions, try a batch of Sharpie Brush Markers and mini canvases. The color will just glide on and pop on that white background. One of my favorite after school classes was a mini canvas session with kinder through … Read More

Kandinsky Tree Collage

Combine the idea of rings or color and a tree and you get a fun Kandinsky for kids project. Great for warm and cool color studies too. If you can, get your hands on the most colorful paper possible, it will make a big difference in your results. The card stock found at craft stores is my favorite, but construction … Read More

Circle Painting

This circle painting preschool project has a little structure, but still keeps an open end so that there is plenty of room to experiment. The circles also add an opportunity to share vocabulary words of “large, medium and small”. MATERIALS Watercolor or multimedia paper, 9″ x 12″ or larger Round things to trace: CDs, yogurt cups, drinking cups Liquid Watercolor … Read More

Kandinsky Circle Painting

This Kandinsky project worked really well with my watercolor class which includes kinder through 5th grade. MATERIALS Watercolor paper (I used Strathmore) Crayons Liquid watercolor paint DIRECTIONS PREP: pre-print grid lines on watercolor paper.  With Kandinsky’s original painting in view, students drew concentric circles in each square with a crayon (no need to start with pencils). They pressed hard to … Read More

Kandinsky Plate Project

Proof that Kandinsky art projects can include art history and math AND make something really striking. Start with some inexpensive plastic plates, color them with brush Sharpies, and you have a pretty amazing work of art that is ready for display. MATERIALS • Yoshi Plates, 6.5″ square • Marker, water based such as Crayola • Brush Sharpie markers DIRECTIONS 1. … Read More

Kandinsky on Canvas Panels

This is a match made in heaven, Brush Sharpie markers and Kandinsky on canvas. The brush markers just glide on the canvas and leave a brilliant color. Makes for a very fun project for all ages and all abilities. It’s not often you can so easily simulate an original masterpiece, as with Kandinsky’s “Farbstudie Quadrate” MATERIALS • Canvas panels, 11″ … Read More

Kandinsky Circles with Oil Pastels

Kandinsky pretty much invented abstract art back in the early 1900’s. His “Study of Abstract Squares” is a fun and easy painting to imitate. MATERIALS • Multimedia paper, 9″ x 12″ • Oil pastels (I recommend Portfolio brand) DIRECTIONS 1. Start with a 9″ x 12″ paper, and have the students fold it in half; and then in thirds so … Read More

Maple Leaf Drawing, Kandinsky Style

Here’s a maple leaf drawing idea that uses colors, Kandinsky-style. He was one of the first artists to make abstract paintings that celebrated ideas as simple as rings of color.   I followed my Maple leaf drawing lesson seen in the diagram below and then used some new Prang crayons for the vivid color. They really do have all the … Read More

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