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Drawing Big Ben

Drawing Big Ben gets easier when you have some grid paper and a tutorial to follow. It’s all about simplifying those many detailed and fancy shapes.

drawing big ben


There are more fun and easy drawing tutorials like this one, in my DRAW WORLD LANDMARKS ebook in my PDF Shop.

It covers twenty five landmarks from all over the world. Each project includes a finished color sample, full size line drawing, step-by-step tutorial, and a grid paper template.

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  1. For extra straight lines, try drawing this clock on 1/4 grid paper. The download has a sample on page 2.
  2. Find the middle lines on the grid paper to help make your drawing symmetrical.
  3. Draw the clock according to the steps in the tutorial
  4. Trace the lines with a marker.
  5. Color Big Ben with crayons or markers or colored pencils. The clock is mostly a gold color, with a gray roof.

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