Shark Head Drawing Tutorial

This shark head drawing tutorial has all the angry biting motion that seems to thrill a lot of young students. The slight cartoonish feel though still keeps it on the fun side. MATERIALS Draw a Shark Head PDF Tutorial Drawing paper Black marker Crayons DIRECTIONS Prep: Print tutorial for each student. Draw guide lines on paper or fold to make creases. Students follow the tutorial to draw the shark in pencil. The shark is traced … Read More

Drawing a Leprechaun

Here is a step by step leprechaun drawing tutorial for St. Patrick’s Day, coming up on March 17th. He’s kind of a simple cartoon character, with mostly symmetrical parts which help most students when they are learning how to draw. • View and download Leprechaun Tutorial MATERIALS • Print of Leprechaun Tutorial • Multimedia paper • Black Sharpie marker • Watercolor paint DIRECTIONS PREP: Print, fold or draw guide lines on paper. These will … Read More

Draw a Squishy Caterpillar

Here’s how to make a caterpillar drawing with very “squishy” sections. I saw it in a book years ago, and wish I could credit the genius who thought it up. It’s a great way to make a pretty realistic looking insect. • View and download Draw a Caterpillar PDF Tutorial MATERIAL • Drawing paper • Crayons • Watercolor paint DIRECTIONS 1. Make or print guide lines. Draw the caterpillar as shown. 2. Trace the … Read More

Dr. Seuss Cat in the Hat Fun

Use my Cat in the Hat template for some fun Dr. Seuss activities. His birthday coming up on March 2nd. I once used it as an art history lesson by reviewing a couple of famous artists (Matisse, Picasso, Van Gogh, etc.) and then asked students to create a hat in their style. MATERIALS • View and download Cat in Hat Template • Drawing paper • Sharpie marker, black • Crayons or colored pencils DIRECTIONS … Read More

Draw a Hot Air Balloon

When looking for simple things to draw, try a hot air balloon. Find how easy it is to make a flat circle look like a ball, just by adding some lines.  • View and Download Hot Air Balloon Tutorial MATERIALS • Print of Hot Air Balloon Tutorial • Drawing paper • Black Sharpie • Oil pastel or crayons DIRECTIONS PREP: Draw or print grid lines on paper. 1. Draw the balloon according to the … Read More

Draw an Easy Rose

This “Draw a Rose” tutorial has long been one of my most popular. I like how it has enough detail to make the flower look dimensional, but not so much to make it difficult for young artists. I hope it encourages a few more handmade cards, and a few less run-of-the mill, pre-made ones. • View and Download Rose Tutorial MATERIALS • Print of Rose Tutorial • Drawing paper • Black Sharpie • Oil … Read More

Chinese New Year Mural 2018

My new dog mural will add some fun to Chinese New Year activities. Lots of simple red coloring to bring luck for the new year. The first day of the Chinese New Year is Friday, February 16th. This mural is drawn and colored with the look of ancient tradition of Chinese paper cutting. These works were commonly made of red paper, as red is associated with festivities and happiness in their culture. MATERIALS • … Read More

Draw a Peacock

This simple peacock drawing reduces many of this bird’s amazing details into easy to draw shapes. • Draw Peacock PDF Tutorial MATERIALS • Drawing paper • Marker • Crayons   DIRECTIONS Lightly draw guide lines down the center of the paper with a pencil. Another option is to fold the paper to get the center guides. Draw the peacock as shown in the tutorial. Trace the peacock with a marker. Color the peacock with … Read More

Ant Drawing and Painting

This ant drawing and painting tutorial is a sample from one of my newest eBooks “Drawing and Painting Insects”. Try adding a little crayon and watercolor to your study of ants and see what happens. • Draw and Paint Ant PDF Tutorial MATERIALS Watercolor paper (I used Strathmore for my sample) Ruler, pencil (for making guide lines) Crayons Liquid watercolor paint (I used Sargent®)   DIRECTIONS Lightly draw guide lines down the center of … Read More

Drawing Animals eBook

My collection of How to Draw Animals keeps growing, so I regrouped 75 of them and updated the format along the way. This new eBook comes with a full size sample of each drawing for classroom display, an easy to view alphabetized list, and cover and spine art if you want to make your own finished binder. You can see pictures which tutorials are included in my PDF Store listing. Here’s a listing by … Read More

Cow Face Drawing

This exaggerated cow face drawing was inspired by a funny painting I found in a home decor catalog. I think I first posted this about seven years ago, before I decided to make PDF tutorials a regular option to download. Enjoy everyone, this has long been a favorite project of mine for 4th and 5th graders.  • Cow Face Drawing PDF Tutorial MATERIALS • Drawing paper, 11″ x 14″ • Black Sharpie marker • … Read More

Annual 4th Grade Mission Project

Here’s a wall of finished 4th grade mission project drawings, just to show how much help a drawing guide and grid can offer. I believe that the drawing guides from my California Mission Drawing Guide and the brown graph paper are a powerful combination that bring out the best in what students are able to do with architecture drawings each year. MATERIALS • Warm brown construction paper, 12″ x 18″ • PDF Grid for … Read More

Draw Martin Luther King Update

I created this Martin Luther King for kids project last year, but it needed a little tweaking. I hope it helps a few classrooms that are celebrating MLK Day. Please note that the eyebrows are made by coloring heavier with crayons. Older students may find that a good way to add some shadows to Dr. Martin Luther King’s face too. • View and download Martin Luther King PDF tutorial MATERIAL • Color print of … Read More

Black History Month Artist: Lois Mailou Jones

Black history month art projects are a great way to learn about some amazing people who had to forge their own way in the world. Lois Mailou Jones (1905 – 1998) had an impressive career, but do you know how she got started? She had been working as a textile designer and often sold her bold fabric creations to department stores. One day a decorator told her that a colored girl wasn’t capable of … Read More

How to Draw a Bushbaby

Bushbabies are one of the cute easy things I like to draw. I also know it’s fun to say “I know how to draw a bushbaby.” • View and download Bushbaby tutorial MATERIALS • Color print of Bubshbaby tutorial • Multimeda or drawing paper • Sharpie marker, black, fine tip • Crayons or oil pastels DIRECTIONS PREP: Print or draw the grid guidelines. 1. Students draw the bushbaby according to the tutorial. 2. The … Read More

Drawing Symmetrical Elf Shoes (with a Template!)

This is one of my student’s favorite Christmas drawing ideas, and I think it’s because it’s a new point of view for them, and offers all kinds of color and pattern possibilities. The one issue that I have been meaning to address with this project is the drawing of the elf feet. I first did this with older students (grade 3 – 5) who would often get stuck in drawing the second symmetrical foot. … Read More

Marker Drawings for Christmas Cards

This is one of my favorite Christmas drawings for cards. It uses a little positive / negative space and symmetry lesson too. This is also a good project to bring out the best fine tip markers you have. I love my new Stabilo Fine Lines that were part of my popular Zentangle Snowflake posting. The tips are thin, yet very strong and even withstood elementary school hands. I recommend this project as shown here … Read More

How to Draw a Star Banner

My favorite way to show students how to draw a star is to connect the dots. Have the dots touch the edge of a paper to get stars that fill up the page. I describe the star as having a head, two arms and two legs. Yes, much like Patrick Star from Spongebob if that helps. Instruct students to make a head dot at the center top of the paper, two hand dots across … Read More

Oil Pastel Candle Drawing

If you need Christmas drawing ideas for kids, this one is works for many different religions. It’s made of simple shapes that are easy for all to draw. I recommend drawing the candle and tracing all the lines several times with a black pastel so they are really thick. When you color in the shapes at the end, you will probably get smudges of black, but in this case it only adds to the … Read More

How to Draw a Menorah

When showing students how to draw a menorah, have them start with light lines to plan all the arms. This will help to space things evenly. Menorahs come in all sizes and colors, but they do need to start with this basic shape. My tutorial is good for maybe 3rd graders on up, but if you want to do this with lower grades, I would give them a drawing with the arm “spine” lines … Read More

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