How to Draw a Star Banner

My favorite way to show students how to draw a star is to connect the dots. Have the dots touch the edge of a paper to get stars that fill up the page. I describe the star as having a head, two arms and two legs. Yes, much like Patrick Star from Spongebob if that helps. Instruct students to make a head dot at the center top of the paper, two hand dots across … Read More

Oil Pastel Candle Drawing

If you need Christmas drawing ideas for kids, this one is works for many different religions. It’s made of simple shapes that are easy for all to draw. I recommend drawing the candle and tracing all the lines several times with a black pastel so they are really thick. When you color in the shapes at the end, you will probably get smudges of black, but in this case it only adds to the … Read More

How to Draw a Menorah

When showing students how to draw a menorah, have them start with light lines to plan all the arms. This will help to space things evenly. Menorahs come in all sizes and colors, but they do need to start with this basic shape. My tutorial is good for maybe 3rd graders on up, but if you want to do this with lower grades, I would give them a drawing with the arm “spine” lines … Read More

A Santa Claus Drawing

Keep your Santa Claus drawing easy by making him with symmetrical shapes. It really helps students see and draw him in a logical kind of way. My tutorials always have grid lines on them so students can target where to place their lines. A quick option is to have students fold the paper to make crease lines to follow. I find that by the time they are done coloring the background, the creases have … Read More

Easy Snowman Drawing

My students needed some easy snowman drawing directions, so I make this diagram. Simple adjustment of the face and buttons can add a lot of dimension. Consider making a snowman art show with lots of these guys all lined up looking around and in different directions. So much more fun than every one just looking straight ahead. MATERIALS Drawing paper, 18″ x 24″ Black marker, chisel tip Crayons or Crayola Color Sticks   DIRECTIONS … Read More

How to Draw a Poinsettia

Here’s how to draw a poinsettia, which my students are turning into decorations for our holiday show in a couple of weeks. We’re making em big, on 12′ square heavy paper, and cutting the poinsettias out so they can be arranged on the wall of the auditorium. I’m proud that I was able to sneak in a little bit of math and measuring as it really helped to draw the center guidelines before drawing. … Read More

Step by Step Elf Drawing

Need a step by step Elf drawing tutorial? Here’s a pretty cute guy to draw (which could easily be turned into a girl, by the way.) MATERIALS Draw Elf PDF Tutorial Drawing paper Black marker Crayons DIRECTIONS Prep: Print tutorial for each student. Draw guide lines on paper or fold in half to make creases. Students follow the tutorial to draw the elf in pencil. The elf is traced with a black marker. The … Read More

How to Draw a Giant Nutcracker

      My school had a nutcracker theme for their holiday show one year, so I showed students how to draw a giant nutcracker on butcher paper. Now you can download your own diagram to help you make your own. Folding the paper to create guide lines really helps with the proportion. • View and download Giant Nutcracker Tutorial MATERIALS • White Kraft Paper, 36″ wide, such as this Pacon brand • Scissors • … Read More

How to Draw the Mayflower

I showed my students how to draw the Mayflower last fall and was happy to see so many make beautifully detailed ships. Try drawing on kraft paper from the scrapbook dept. and those sails just pop off the page. • View and download Mayflower Tutorial MATERIALS • Print of tutorial for each student • Brown kraft paper • Sharpie, black, fine tip • Colored pencils DIRECTIONS PREP: Print or draw guidelines on each paper. … Read More

Line Art Project Leaves

 OK, this is my new favorite line art project. Students learn to make leaves transparent by drawing them only with lines. These students are 1st graders and they really took their time and drew LOTS of lines. I think having quality markers made all the difference. MATERIALS Drawing paper Leaf stencils, or templates cut from posterboard Stabilo Markers, or other medium tip markers DIRECTIONS Students trace a leaf with a pencil. They add a … Read More

Draw a Cartoon Woman

The simplification that comes with cartoon characters is perfect for children of all ages. No worries about proportion totally helps too. MATERIALS • Draw a Cartoon Woman PDF Tutorial • Color printer • Drawing paper • Black marker • Crayons or markers   DIRECTIONS PREP: Download and print a tutorial for each student. Print paper with guidelines, or have students fold paper to make creases. 1. Students draw the cartoon woman according to the … Read More

Basic Skull Drawing

One last drawing project for the big day tomorrow. How to draw a basic skull and add a bit of shading for a pretty realistic looking skull. MATERIALS Draw a Skull PDF Tutorial Drawing paper Black marker Crayons   DIRECTIONS PREP: Print a tutorial for each student. Students fold their paper to create guide lines to follow. Students draw the skull according to the tutorial. The drawing is traced with a black marker. The … Read More

Picasso Monsters

Mix a little Picasso art history and Halloween fun by drawing a cubism face with clip art eyes. Mismatched eyes, that is. MATERIALS Pycomall, sheet of Cartoon Eyes $8 Color printer Color printing paper for the eyes Drawing paper Black Sharpie marker, chisel tip Crayons DIRECTIONS Those on a budget could use magazine eyes, but I had too many kids to chance that they could all find some. I found a place called … Read More

Colored Pencil Fall Drawing

The first step in learning to draw with perspective is to notice that foreground items will appear larger than background ones. MATERIALS • Drawing paper • Black marker • Pencil crayons   DIRECTIONS 1. Demonstrate how to draw a large tree to establish the foreground. Add a horizon line and smaller trees to create a distant background. Details may be added. 2. Students trace their pencil drawings with a black marker. 3. The drawing is colored in with colored pencils.


Teach kinders and up how to draw a face with LOTS of crankiness, thanks to this very funny new children’s book, “Crankenstein”, by Samantha Berger. Crankenstein can be drawn with some very simple shapes, and show students how to create a very expressive face. MATERIALS “Crankenstein” book, by Samantha Berger Watercolor paper, if you can afford it, or multimedia paper Old cardboard for templates Sharpie chisel tip marker, black Crayons Liquid watercolor paint, green … Read More

Draw Frankenstein

I created a How to Draw Frankenstein tutorial that targets early elementary student. The hair, screws and hunch back are all you need to know exactly who this is. MATERIALS Draw Frankenstein PDF tutorial (see link below) Drawing paper Black marker Crayons   DIRECTIONS PREP: Print guide lines or fold paper to make creases. Students follow the tutorial to draw Frankenstein. The drawing is traced with a black marker. Frankenstein is colored with crayons. … Read More

Draw an Urban Haunted House

There are many, many ways to draw a haunted house, but may favorite are the quirky city type with some unusual architectural features. MATERIALS Draw an Urban Haunted House PDF Drawing paper Black marker Crayons   DIRECTIONS Prep: Print tutorial for each student. Draw guide lines on paper or fold in half to make creases. Students follow the tutorial to draw the haunted house in pencil. The haunted house is traced with a black marker. … Read More

Drawing Children eBook and Bonus Mini Mural

My new “Learn to Draw: Children” eBook was created and tested in response to a kinder teacher who was tired of seeing so many stick figures in her classroom. My solution was to create some super simple boy and girl tutorials in various clothes and backgrounds. Learning to draw people in settings goes hand in hand with writing about them, so improving in one area will also support the other. When testing one of these tutorials with a … Read More

How to Draw Aliens

I made this condensed tutorial for three aliens as it is fun to mix and match the different eyes, hands and feet. It’s a good direct draw project for the very young as they are not so concerned about making the alien look “right”. Aliens can look however you imagine them to look. MATERIALS Draw Aliens PDF Tutorial Drawing paper Black marker Crayons DIRECTIONS Prep: Print tutorial for each student. Draw guide lines on … Read More

How to Draw a Maple Leaf

Learn how to draw a maple leaf with my tutorial and you can make a wonderful, colorful collection of your own. MATERIALS Download Maple Leaf PDF Tutorial Brown kraft paper, even paper grocery bags Sharpie black marker, chisel tip Crayola Color Sticks Scissors   DIRECTIONS Prep: Print a tutorial for each student to see. Students follow the tutorial to draw a large leaf with a pencil. The leaf is traced with a thick black … Read More

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