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Draw a Sailboat on a Lake

Learn how to draw a sailboat with this step by step tutorial, and then fill the background with watery blues and greens. Save white crayons for the waves.

sailboat lake

The green trees will separate the sky and the water, and if you add layers of paint to them, you can end up with lots of lovely shades of green. It’s an easy way to learn about shading.

Word to the wise though, the shading really only works on real watercolor paper. It’s the reason why it costs more than the regular paper.

If your budget doesn’t allow for that, then crayons will make a good substitute as they can be used to layer and make different greens too.


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1. Follow the steps above to make a simple boat and lake drawing.
2. Trace all the lines with a permanent black marker. Add white crayon line details to the water.
3. Paint the brown boat, the water and sky blue, and the trees green. To make the foreground layer darker, add a second layer. The liquid type work great for this.

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