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Easy How to Draw George Washington Tutorial Video and George Washington Coloring Page

Below you’ll find an easy step-by-step tutorial video for how to draw George Washington and a George Washington Coloring Page. A simple grid template helps student get their lines in the right places.

George Washington Drawing

Finished drawing, colored with crayons

George Drawings by Students

Thanks to Marie who shared the drawings from students in her school!

Drawing George Washington

This how to draw George Washington tutorial will help students draw his portrait with a slight turn to his face. It creates his most famous look, as seen on our dollar bills, and is pretty easy to do if you have an example to follow. Known as a 3/4 view, it was common pose in its day when anyone was having their portrait painted.

George Washington was the first American president, commander of the Continental Army, president of the Constitutional Convention, and farmer. Through these roles, Washington exemplified his outstanding character and leadership, and is to this day, very much admired for all these qualities.

Example of a Grid Template

Line drawing on grid template, included in PDF download
Grid template, included in PDF download

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A step by step tutorial for how to draw an easy George Washington, also available as a free download.

George Washington Coloring Page


  • Drawing Paper. This is the good stuff you can buy in bulk for a good price.
  • Pencils. I like how this brand always makes nice dark lines.
  • Black Marker. A permanent marker will give you a dark black color.
  • Crayons. The larger packs are nice for more color choices.
  • Note: All of the above are Amazon affiliate links.

Step by Step Directions

Time needed: 1 hour

Draw George Washington

  1. Start drawing the head.

  2. Draw the back of the head, lightly.

  3. Draw the neck, shoulders and collar.

  4. Add the shirt underneath.

  5. Draw the outside of the hair around the head.

  6. Erase extra line. Add hair lines and bow.

  7. Draw the eyes and nose.

  8. Add face details.

  9. Trace with marker and color with crayons.

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