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How to Draw George Washington, Step by Step

If you are ready for a tutorial on how to draw George Washington that is more than just an oval face with curly hair, then try this one.

You’ll learn more about makes someone look like they came from another time period.

This tutorial includes everything I know to help your students create a successful drawing: a finished sample, step-by-step tutorial, line drawing sample, and grid template if you don’t care for all that folding.


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  1. PREP: Print a tutorial for each student. If you prefer not to fold the paper to get guide lines, then use my grid template on page 4 of the PDF download.
  2. Follow the 8 steps on the tutorial to draw George Washington. Use the grid lines to help you get good placement of the lines in your drawing.
  3. When the drawing is done, trace everything carefully with a thin black marker.
  4. Color the drawing carefully with crayons.

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