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Learn to Color like Vincent Van Gogh

Try this Van Gogh for kids art project by imitating his “Wheat Field with Crows” painting with some soft oil pastels. They keep all the color, without all the time and expense of oil paints.

Van Gogh was famous for painting in a really super thick manner, which gave him lots of texture. Students can get a similar look just by making a ”sketchy“ drawing with soft oil pastels.

This project is a simplification of Van Gogh’s original composition, but it uses a similar palette. He was a master of color, and you can’t go wrong by following his choices.



1. Draw the horizon line, road, moon in pencil.

2. Color with yellow, brown and blue oil pastels.

3. Draw squiggly grass lines with an orange pastel.

4. Draw sketchy road lines with a rust pastel.

5. Add darker blue pastel to sky. Circle moon with white.

6. Add a few more grass lines with a darker orange pastel.

van gogh for kids

7. Use black pastel to draw large and small flying crows.

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