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Van Gogh Wheat Field with Crows

van gogh for kidsVincent Van Gogh Wheat Field with Crows, shows a dramatic, cloudy sky filled with crows over a wheat field.

The simple layout is perfect for practicing layers of oil pastels to see if students can imitate his wonderfully sketchy look. To get a similar look to my sample, I recommend trying the oil pastels I have linked to below. They happen to come in the perfect shades needed for this particular project.


• Van Gogh Wheatfield Tutorial (link below)
• Drawing paper
Portfolio Oil Pastels, 24 pack

• Print a Wheat Field tutorial for each students
• Students follow the directions on the tutorial to create their own version of Van Gogh’s famous painting
• Encourage lots of mixed layering of color as that will create the vibrant sketchy look that Van Gogh was famous for.

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Van Gogh Tutorial

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