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Easy How to Draw a Fire Truck Tutorial and Fire Truck Coloring Page

Below you’ll find an easy step-by-step tutorial for how to draw a Fire Truck and a Fire Truck Coloring Page. It’s not hard to make a fire truck drawing look just like the real thing!

Fire Truck Drawing

A drawing of a Fire Truck, made with the help of an easy step by step tutorial.

This tutorial for how to draw a fire truck was made to help young artists with firefighter ambitions, or maybe those that are studying Safety Week themes. It will break down the steps of how to start and finish the drawing, and add a simple skyline in the background too.

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Fire Truck Coloring Page

Materials for Fire Truck Drawing

  • Drawing Paper. This is the good stuff you can buy in bulk for a good price.
  • Pencils. I like how this brand always makes nice dark lines.
  • Black Marker. A permanent marker will give you a dark black color.
  • Crayons. The larger packs are nice for more color choices.
  • Note: All of the above are Amazon affiliate links.

Directions to Draw Fire Truck Step by Step

Time needed: 45 minutes

How to Draw a Fire Truck

  1. Draw a rectangle for the back of the truck.

  2. Add the front cab in two sections.

  3. Draw two wheels with hubcaps.

  4. Add the wheel rims and cab windows and lights.

  5. Draw the front cab bumper, with lights and details.

  6. Add a ladder attached to the back.

  7. Draw the extra details on the back of the truck.

  8. Add a road, skyline and clouds.

  9. Trace with a marker and color.

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