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How to Draw a Simple Truck

You can make a simple truck drawing by putting a few basic shapes together. Follow my tutorial and color a classic one like my sample, or design your own.

simple truck drawing

For some extra fun, add some seasonal things in the truck bed. Flowers, pumpkins, watermelons, see what you can think up.

Customizing your own paint job is another option. The world of automotive art is full of creative people who like to make their vehicles look like no one else’s.


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to Draw a Truck

  1. Make guidelines. Draw a rectangle.

  2. Add the cab.

  3. Add the truck front.

  4. Draw two half circles.

  5. Add tire circles. Erase the inside.

  6. Add car details as shown.

  7. Add outside details. Draw a road.

  8. Trace and color with a crayons.

how to draw a truck
A watercolor painting of a truck with pumpkins.

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