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How to Draw a Poinsettia

Here’s one way to draw a poinsettia, with a step-by-step tutorial. Once you see the formula it follows, it’s easy to draw more.

how to draw a poinsettia
how to draw a poinsettia

Draw them small, for a holiday card, or large, for handmade decorations. Either way, they’ll add some lovely red color to your holidays.

An additional tip? Add a bit of really simple math and have all the students measure and draw center lines before they start drawing. It really helps with the radial symmetry, and offers a mini lesson in using a ruler too.

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  1. how to draw a poinsettiaUse a ruler to measure half way marks on all sides of the paper. Connect the marks afterward so you know where the center is. Note: LIGHT lines will really look better than heavy ones.
  2. Draw the poinsettia according to the tutorial.
  3. Trace the drawing with a black marker.
  4. Color the center circles with yellow crayons.
  5. Use either crayons or tempera paint to fill in the flower. If you’re not cutting it out, then coloring a background will make it look even more colorful.






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