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How to Draw a Poinsettia

Learn how to draw a Poinsettia with this easy step by step tutorial. It’s easy to see why they are a Christmas favorite.

It’s easy to see why poinsettias are a Christmas favorite, with their bright red leaves and deep green leaves. They add lots of holiday color to any room.

This tutorial will show students how to draw the petals of a poinsettia, which has a bit of a pattern but some slight differences in shapes too. Flowers will always look a bit more realistic if they have a little bit of irregularity added. Anything too perfect can look more like a computer drawing than real life.

Those that are looking for an extra challenge might consider adding shadows under some of the leaves. A little extra pressure or using two slightly different shades of red would do the trick.



Time needed: 30 minutes.

How to Draw a Poinsettia

  1. Start the center as a group of circles.

  2. Add four evenly spaced petals.

  3. Draw another petal in between each. Try to make some a little different.

  4. Fill in any empty spaces with extra petals.

  5. Draw center lines in all the flower petals.

  6. Start the smaller flower with the center.

  7. Add petals around in the same manner.

  8. Draw lines in the center of each petal.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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