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Draw a Gingerbread House

Learn how to draw a Gingerbread House with my step by step tutorial, which includes a few tips on how to make it look dimensional. A few shadows here and there make all the difference.

How to draw a Gingerbread house
Gingerbread House drawn with markers
How to draw a Gingerbread house
Gingerbread House diagram, available as print friendly PDF below.

You could make this drawing and finish it any number of ways — crayons, pastels, or paints. But I’ve found that when white snow is called for, that kinda eliminates some of the “messier” media. It’s not easy, coloring or painting lots of blue sky, and not getting some of that color on your white snow, so that’s why I would endorse this as a marker drawing project. Or crayons as a second choice.

If you’re lucky enough to have markers with a pretty ginger brown color, then you’re really in luck. There’s nothing like a carefully colored drawing, with a few added shadows, to make your Gingerbread House really stand out.


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to draw a Gingerbread House

  1. Draw the front of the house.

  2. Add the side of the house.

  3. Add a drippy frosting roof.

  4. Draw a window and candy.

  5. Add a door below and chimney above.

  6. Add two candy canes.

  7. Draw boy and lollipop.

  8. Trace and color. Start snow with circles.

  9. Fill in the sky and add shadows.

Some more Gingerbread House inspiration, colored with good pencil crayons.

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