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Fall Drawing Ideas

Why limit yourself to one when four fall drawing ideas will look even better? Especially if you place them in a grid, so each one has just the right proportion box to fill.

Fall Drawing Ideas
Fall drawing ideas diagram, available in PDF below

There are a couple of ways to encourage students to fill their entire paper when drawing. It’s not the end of the world when they don’t, but every once in a while, like if you want to make a special display or you need art for a fundraiser, you might want to set them up to have a large creation by the time they are done.

One option, that I often refer to, is to have drawings that must touch the sides of the paper, and the other, as in this case, is to have them work with a preformatted grid.

In an ideal world, if they were old enough, you could have them create their own grid. But for the purposes of getting everyone off to a good start, and working on their actual drawings as soon as possible, my tutorial download includes a page 2 with grid like the one in my sample.


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Time needed: 1 hour.

How to draw fall ideas

  1. Print grid found on page 2 of the download for each student.

  2. Students use the tutorial to draw the fall symbols in each rectangle.

  3. The drawing is traced with a black marker.

  4. Students color in each fall symbol with crayons.

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