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How to Draw Easy Fall Drawing Ideas

Here’s a collection of easy fall drawing ideas that all come with helpful step by step tutorials. Learning how to draw one step at a time is always a great way to get go.

Fall Grid Drawing Tutorial

Easy Fall Drawing Ideas, made with the help of an easy step by step tutorial.

Now students can make a simple fall drawing project that adds a little bit of math to their art lesson.

This project starts by making a grid that can be ESTIMATED to break the page into thirds. The first vertical line starts about two thirds of the way across, and the two horizontal ones about a third down and up. It just so happens that the fall shapes will fit nicely into those size boxes, and is guaranteed to have a nice BALANCE (Principle of Design) when complete.

Young students might do best by just concentrating on drawing the shapes, but those looking for more of a challenge could add some shading too. That pumpkin is just begging to have some yellow highlights with orange shadows.

Are your students a bit young to draw the grid themselves? Or is your class time extra short these days? No problem, just click on the red button below to open the Frame file so you can download and print a copy.

Easy Fall Drawing Ideas frame to help young students with their drawing. Download the free PDF for a jump start to your drawing project.

Use the Button below to Download a PDF Tutorial

A step by step tutorial for Fall Drawing ideas, also available as a free download.

Here’s a new option for busy teachers and parents. You can now easily download this drawing as a coloring page with the red button below. Just click to open it as a PDF, and save it to your desktop. You’ll have a free coloring page that you can print as often as you want, for whatever kind of project you want. Use it for younger students that want in on the coloring fun, or as a full size visual aid for those that are following the drawing tutorial. For many more fun things to color, please see my COLORING PAGE GALLERY It’s never been easier to see and download so many all in one place!

Easy Fall Drawing Coloring Page

Fall Drawing Coloring page, available as a free download.

Materials to make an Easy Fall Drawing

  • Pencil. The Ticonderoga brand are the most reliable, make nice dark lines when you need them, and are the easiest to erase. Buying the pre-sharpened ones will save busy teachers a lot of time.
  • Eraser. Large ones you can hold in your hand do a much better job than just the pencil tip erasers, especially when erasing leftover pencil lines after tracing.
  • Black Sharpie Marker. These fine point permanent marker pens make nice black outlines, have a good tip for coloring, and never bleed when they get wet. Use them with good ventilation and add extra paper underneath to protect your tables.
  • Prang Crayons. These are a bit softer than other crayons so they sometimes look like oil pastels. They also have a some nice brown shades that Crayola does not have unless you buy their larger boxes.
  • Crayola Crayons. The reliable brand that always works well. The 24 pack has some of my favorite golden orange and yellow colors that seem a bit richer and warmer than the ones Prang has.

Step by Step Directions for a Fall Drawing

Time needed: 45 minutes.

Draw a Fall Grid

  1. Draw a vertical line about 2/3 across the paper.

  2. Add two horizontal lines.

  3. Start the center of the pumpkin with an oval.

  4. Add smaller sections to the side of the pumpkin.

  5. Draw two smaller sections, stem.

  6. Add an eggplant laying down on its side.

  7. Draw an oak leaf standing up in the top corner.

  8. Add a small acorn in the bottom corner.

  9. Trace the drawing with a marker and color.

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