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Fall Art Project: How to Draw Corn

Learn how to draw Corn with this easy step by step tutorial. The trick is to start with a grid so you can line up all those kernels.

how to draw corn
Corn Drawing

Fall art brings a new palette of colors, and there’s nothing like drawing an ear of corn to include as many in one place as possible. All those colorful little kernels look amazing, especially when they all line up in nice an even rows.

But rather than just drawing lots and lots of little squares, OR drawing just a quick grid, this tutorial will show students how to do a little of each. By creating a light grid to plan the rows first, and then filling them with rounded kernel shapes, they are guaranteed to have a very orderly ear of corn when they are done.

Another tip? If you need some large size decorations for an event, say a fall festival, try this drawing process on a long sheet of butcher paper. A few black Sharpies and crayons can do some amazing things together!

how to draw corn
Preview of step by step Corn tutorial
how to draw corn
Banners for a Festival, approximately 5′ tall.
Corn Coloring Page



Time needed: 45 minutes.

How to Draw Corn

  1. Draw the basic cob shape.

  2. Start drawing the husks above.

  3. Add more husks to layer them.

  4. Lightly draw three vertical lines.

  5. DrW horizontal lines to make grid.

  6. Fill with rounded squares.

  7. Erase the grid lines.

  8. Color the space between kernels.

  9. Trace with marker and color.

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