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Free Thanksgiving Printable: A Thanksgiving Mural

Free Thanksgiving printables don’t have to be small. Join these four pages together to make a larger beautiful mural for your home or classroom.

free thanksgiving printables
Finished Thanksgiving mural, 16″ x 16″

This year more than ever, homemade holiday decorations are bound to be appreciated both for their charm, and creative thriftiness. No need for fancy store bought things when a hand colored mural celebrating the season is just a few steps away.

Just download this free Thanksgiving printable, and print and trim the excess paper away. Young artists can color first, and then the art can be joined and taped in the back, OR taped first and then colored. (Note: To keep any tape edges from showing up in the coloring process, gluing all the pages to a larger sheet of paper works too.)

If you are especially proud of what your young ones created with this template, send me photo so I can include it in this post for inspiration. And have a very colorful Thanksgiving holiday!


• Free Happy Thanksgiving PDF (click to open)
• Scissors or paper cutter
• Crayons
• Tape

Time needed: 1 hour.

How to make a Thanksgiving Mural

  1. Print the first four pages of the PDF.
    Trim on the lines shown.

  2. Finishing options:
    a. Color and tape together
    b. Tape together and color
    c. Color and glue to larger sheet of paper.

Happy Thanksgiving coloring page (click image to open PDF)


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