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Top Ten Art Supplies for Kids

Top Ten Art Supplies Video

Quality Art Supplies for the Classroom

If you are new to finding art supplies for kids, then at a glance they may all look the same. I mean, every day new brands and varieties pop up, not only in art stores, but in drug stores and offices stores too. How is one to choose when there are so many to pick from?

As a classroom teacher, I had lots of opportunity to try different things out. I did, every chance I got. And when you see the difference good art supplies can make, it can be a game changer.

For instance, in my beginner days, I inherited only drawing paper and used watercolor trays for paints. They got the job done, but the colors were “meh” and the hassle with messy trays a constant struggle. Later, when I was able to save my budget money for real watercolor paper, and switched over to liquid watercolor paint in spill proof cups, it opened up a whole new world. The colors just popped off the page, for every single student, and the clean up was a breeze. A rinse of the brushes and it was done! Painting went from something I dreaded, to being a joy!

That said, I honed many of my art supplies over the years, and am happy to pass on that experience to you. The link below will take you to a page that explains more about each product, most have an (affiliated) Amazon link included. I hope it helps during this busy shopping season!

Top Ten Art Supplies for Kids (Click on any image or title)

Black Fine Tip Sharpie Markers

Work great for all kinds of projects, and the permanent quality is needed so the colors don’t bleed.

Ticonderoga 2 HB Soft Pencils

The softness of this granite works great for shading projects too.

Bic Kids Coloring Pencils

These are soft enough to put down some good color, but not so much that they easily break.

Metallic Markers

They make mesmerizing art, are totally kid safe and resemble Sharpie metallic markers without any of the extra cost. (Amazon affiliate)

Stabilo Power Wallet Markers

My go to favorite brand of markers, hands down. The tips hold up well, the caps are clear and interchangeable. (Amazon affiliate)

Paint Brush, Round Size 7

A good paint brush can make all the difference in the world. Who can paint small details with one of those big floppy brushes? (School Specialty)

Tempera Paint Cakes

With a brush and cup of water, students have everything they need to work. They can even control the value by adding more or less water. (Amazon affiliate)

Liquid Watercolor Paint

Stored these in spill proof cups and say goodbye to those messy trays.

Spill Proof Paint Cups

These spill proof cups with white lids are sturdy will definitely take some of the worry out of painting with young ones.

Watercolor Paper

Only real watercolor paper can truly show how brilliant watercolors hues and textures can be. (Amazon affiliate)

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