Top Ten Art Supplies for Kids

Quality Art Supplies for the Classroom

If you are new to finding art supplies for kids, then at a glance they may all look the same. I mean, every day new brands and varieties pop up, not only in art stores, but in drug stores and offices stores too. How is one to choose when there are so many to pick from?

As a classroom teacher, I had lots of opportunity to try different things out. I did, every chance I got. And when you see the difference good art supplies can make, it can be a game changer.

For instance, in my beginner days, I inherited only drawing paper and used watercolor trays for paints. They got the job done, but the colors were “meh” and the hassle with messy trays a constant struggle. Later, when I was able to save my budget money for real watercolor paper, and switched over to liquid watercolor paint in spill proof cups, it opened up a whole new world. The colors just popped off the page, for every single student, and the clean up was a breeze. A rinse of the brushes and it was done! Painting went from something I dreaded, to being a joy!

That said, I honed many of my art supplies over the years, and am happy to pass on that experience to you. The link below will take you to a page that explains more about each product, and has an (affiliated) Amazon link included. I hope it helps during this busy shopping season!

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